Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 1 , 2002

            Good morning, I am Sananda. There is an angel walking among you. This angel represents the government in a way that is pure and peaceful and strong. This angel will bring to you all an establishment of a different kind of governing than has been experienced up to now.

To continue with the incidences of abuse by the present regime is to bury oneís head in the sand and pretend that times are not changing and the Light is not on the horizon of a day of freedom for everyone on this planet. Gather yourselves together and help to bring in this new regime that will be ushering you into a new freedom of governing that will give you all the supremacy that is your birthright.

For you to sit back   and wait for this to happen is only part of the procedure. In your sitting back, you go within and project that Light that you see there to the situation. You offer a prayer of freedom and peace and a unity of all your fellow man; and you step forward in that resolve that comes forward from your innermost beingness. You speak to the cause of freedom; and you speak to the innate sovereignty of each and every being to walk in that freedom and that strength that comes from within rather than outside of yourself.

So when the warmongers spread their message of hate and fear, turn a deaf ear and cover that talk with light and love and the strength of the purpose of your destiny. For your destiny is that of moving forward in this bright new day that is dawning.

I give to you a story of a lone survivor of a battle that took place many years ago. In this battle there were many aspects of the subject over which the people fought. These aspects were a rivalry over the land, and the peremptory guidance as to the use of it, and the laws upon which the people would be governed, and indeed the governing body itself.

In this battle many lives were lost. In this battle the cause of freedom took a back seat, and the cause of control of this land was the forward thrust that carried these people into death. Finally there were but two people standing on this battleground. They raised their weapons high and were about to thrust the swords into each other, when they looked into each otherís eyes. In that moment of truth they stopped. They pretended that this was not the time and the place that they were standing in. From their innate nature, they saw in each otherís lives the brotherhood they shared.

Even as they tried to move their arms forward in the death grip they could not. Something stopped them, prevented them from carrying forth that last movement of their lives. Where was the sense to this? Why; why do an act that would create the emptiness on the land so many had lost their lives over?  What the purpose? The tears came to their eyes. They laid down their swords side-by-side and embraced. They knew not what to do. So they did nothing, until the tears and the sobs that racked their bodies subsided. You see they cried the tears, the anguish, and the despair of all who had given their lives in vain that day.

At least that was their initial thought. And then they looked at each other once more and they saw a new light spring forth from their eyes, and they realized the lives had not been lost in vain. For these two brave souls had found the light that lives within and followed that instead of blindly moving ahead in the fervor that had created this whole scenario.

So when you find yourselves going forth in battle, stop and consider, is this my idea; is this my plan of action for the freedom I live for? Or this the time to stop listening to the voices all around me and start listening to the whisper of the voice that steadily comes forth for my ears to hear?  In the silence you will hear the voice of freedom coming from within your soul. Listen to this voice and walk forward in the energy it brings to you. You are a sovereign being; and you have ability to plot your own future.

            On this fine day of Oct 1, 2002, you will find a grand assemblage of beautiful beings all around you. All you need do is open your eyes in a different way and see these beings as your brothers and sisters in Light. And in seeing them in that way, you will see yourself in their eyes, and you will see a bright future for all of you in the Light. To step forward in the truth that emanates from your innermost soul is to express the true nature of yourself.

On this day in your country there is coming forth a great deal of activity towards the freedom that I speak of. This may not be represented in the media, however knowing that it is happening gives credence to those events, thus assisting in the carrying out of them. This is how you can take part in the proceedings that take place, even though you are not told of them. There will be plenty of time before your active participation. For now it is enough to know in your heart and soul that this is coming about, and projecting your love and your Light to the project, and building the energy on which the freedom can reign.

The activity that you do on the inner plane is vital at this time, for it builds an energy of light and freedom and strength of purpose toward that end; or I say toward that beginning. And when you see the doors swing wide open for you, and the words written on the winds that bring the energies of change, then step forward through those doors ands cry out your words of freedom and responsibility to this great nation and the world. For the oneness that carries you all through this process unites the separateness that has been created through the perceptions of those who would have you give over your freedom to them. And even they will one day be given opportunity to look within and see the freedom that waits to spring forth from their beingness.

So take yourselves into this day; and ride through your activity on a cushion of light. Find the compassion within your soul for every person, every being who exists on this planet. You will find that this will take you through your day with a new bounce in your step and a new hope shining forth from your heart. I bring you my own Light, love and compassion to add to that Light that shines forth from yourself. And I am Sananda; and I bid you a bright and beautiful day.


Copywrite, 10/01/02

Nancy Tate