Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 14, 2002

Good morning my fellow beings. I am Sananda, and I welcome you to a new week and a new day. These are the times that try menís souls, and in these times are the seeds for a complete recovery of the auspices of the governing body of man.

This is a nice time to gather together the principles by which you all inherently know are of the Divine. Within these tenets lies the program by which you all live out your lives in harmony and peace. These principles outline the capabilities of the lightworker to resonate with each other and work together in a fashion that belies the shadows that perpetuate themselves on this planet.

If in the course of your ordinary day you come across the one who tells you of the opportunity for grandness, it is a reflection of you, for you project your wisdom onto someone else in order for you to see it. That is the principle of relativity. Then you guide yourself through the days with the aplomb due a being of supreme destiny, for that is the wakefulness of your own innate wisdom. This comes about through the listening to the intuitive urges and whisperings you hear from your inner beingness.

I give you the second important element of your understanding of your selves, and that is to sit not in judgment of your fellow man for there is not judgment lest one sees that which he judges in himself. In order to continue in your discovery of yourself, you must be willing to look at that which is not of the highest in your light-beingness. In the seeing, you can then release and be free.

Next in the principles is the adoration of oneself. This is expressed in love and compassion, and exercises freely in all that you do, and all that you are. Until you feel the freedom this self-love gives you, you will not be able to fully bring this love to your fellow man.

Continuing with the guidance you bring, I recommend that you ease the burden of the guilt that you have accumulated over the eons, for it is that long that you have been carrying the judgment of the experiences you have brought to your selves. This is an incapacitating emotion that has no basis in fact.

In the course of the days ahead, there will be ample opportunity to live in these, and other principles. I mention these, for they are the supreme motivating principles of the coming times. The love that you find within not only for yourself, but for all others as well will be the strongest principle by which the others will be expressed.

There is much to be done in the next times. This, all done in the energy of the principles set forward will accomplish the work of God. We love and cherish each and every one of you, and we stand ready to move in and be seen, heard and co-operated with in this next great step of the return to the Deity of man.

I am Sananda, and I encourage you to follow your hearts in the steps that guide you to your individual expression as it relates to the whole.

Blessings are upon you.