Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  10, 2002

It was in the fall of 2002, and the leaves were rustling on the trees in many parts of the country; in some the trees had shed their leaves and stood naked as sentinels to the dawn of a new day, a new age. People were going about their daily tasks, and in the air was a feeling of expectancy. To coincide with the adventures of the mind, there were several newscasts that foretold the coming of a great deliverance of the kind of justice that brings the people to a place of considerable value of society.

Does this sound like a fairy tale gone awry, or is it the total giving away of the secrets of the new born sanctity of the governing body? Neither you say. Well I am here to tell you that there will be a story unfolding that will bespeak the very thing I present to you in this wee introduction, and more.

In the wee hours of the morning on this day there occurred a circumstance of getting together with constituents from both parties in the halls of the governing capital of this country. In this gathering there was a temporary leadership discussion, and this led to the ouster of the code that was to come forward in the place of the reigning regime. Due to the coercion of certain parties in the filibuster of Congress, there will be no leveling of a certain series of laws in this country. These laws are not grounded in peace, or the best interests of the people, therefore they will be spread on the newsroom floor and walked on as so much garbage.

I bring you this information, in this manner to show to you the level of communication that is being exhibited in the meetings these days in the various halls of governing. Is it not to be confused, so as to lead one in a direction of muddled thinking? Does the method of speech bring to you an understanding, or a garbled sense of the meaning? This is meant to throw one off, my friends, in order to dispel any feeling of seeing beyond the obvious and relating the content to the actual truth of the message. This is the intent of the people who would desire to throw off the clarity of the issue, and cause a dissenting vote in the legislature and the Senate.

I, on the other hand wish to be as clear as this space allows, therefore I ask this one to allow for the clarity of her words to bring the truth to the front. In this truth lies the very nature of the Spirit that pervades all of the energy that springs forth from the hearts of those who live in the Light of their own truth.

In watching the news these days, one thinks that perhaps their voices have not been heard for so long, and what is the reason to bother anymore. This is the very thinking that has been bred by the forces of the darkness that would have you in their clutches. My friends, you all play the game so well. Now it is time to remember the next part of the game. Some have already awakened, and are on stage. They have remembered their parts well, and are presenting the performance of their lives. The millions on this planet who are preparing for a day of world prayer speaks to the unity that is beginning to be seen by us. Once you are in that swing, and are moving forward in the memories of the innate nature of your calling, you are in the driverís seat, and moving forward in the lane of your life.

Iím urging you my dear ones, to take your power back and put it in the halls of peace and compassion. For that is where the real power of this world lies. Within the hearts and souls of all of you beats a rhythm so strong and sure that there is nothing that can come in the way of your Divine right for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness within the governing forces of your lives, in every respect.

I urge you now to find within your beingness a note that strikes a cord to open the knowingness that you are a sovereign being, and that you can bring into this world you have created a new sense of peace, justice and the Divinity of the ages. You are my loving children and my family of God. I am Jesus the Christ, Sananda, and I wish you a grand and glorious day steeped in the sanctity of your own authority.

Good day, and God Bless you all.