Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  25, 2002

Due to the circumstances of the events of the day, there will be a continuing stream of beings who will be transported onto planet earth. This stream is the culmination of the Deity of the people for that is the direction that humanity has decided to turn from this point on. It is a matter of degree in the re-enactment of the historical energy of the planet. While there was at one time the evolutionary process of development in the outspokenness of the species, there was also the sublimation of the species to the forces of the darkness.

This is no longer the case. There is a new purpose to the cause these days. The energy of the planet and its peoples is that of peace and ascension. This is the allowance then, of the celestial beings’ intervention of the activities of annialation on the planet.

These activities are acting out in the old energy. This is the reason that the beings are coming at this time. There will be an interspersing of these beings among the people in the areas of conflict. Their mission is that of bringers of the energy of peace. Through this energy the people will be given the opportunity to wage war against the very tyrant that besieges their own sense of self and that of the oneness with their fellow man.

Once this is established in the hearts and remembrances of these people, they will no longer have the desire nor the inclination for war. You see, the issue is not war, my dears, but the remembrance of the Holy nature of oneself. Within that Holiness lies the freedom that sets one’s soul free.

So you see the necessity for remembrance rather than the talk, or persuasion against war? This is the basis for the love energy. To focus on the Light, rather than on the fear, is to bring to the front the establishment of the divine nature of the people on the earth.

With this coming to the earth of the Celestial beings there is a significant order of the promise this carries with it. The remembrance of the people will be awoken, and the events that are in the wings awaiting expression for war, will be transformed and come forward in peaceful ways. The very energy of war will speak itself in compassion and aid to the people on earth who have fallen by the wayside and haven’t been able to rise from the ashes. These are the people who will be assisted through their desire to be replenished in their abilities.

So go about your day my friends, and find the peace of mind that will shine forth on another’s countenance. In that doing and being you will be carrying out the same mission that the Celestial beings come here to accomplish. In this you will find another aspect of the oneness. You are all temples of the Light. Open your doors and invite the people into your Light for it is endless in its purpose.

I am Sananda, and I bid you a joyful and promising moment of moments forever.

Blessings abound, and they’re yours for the taking.