Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  21, 2002

Good morning my dear ones, I am Sananda, and I wish to bring you a prophecy. This prophecy is one of the establishment of a fourth world of the order of the decline of the dark forces on this planet.

There was a day when the dark forces sprang up all around in everyone’s back yard and every nook and cranny of existence. That day is on the decline; and the day of resonance with the Light of those dark forces will be fast upon us.

Consider the circumstances of the whole, for a moment. There is a civilization that lives and experiences on the earth. The civilization struggles in the twilight of the rescinding years. One day a captive element of that civilization stirs up the juices of a forgotten memory, and all is let loose in the streets of the mighty king.

Due to the outstanding accomplishments of the king and his court, there are a number of percentages of people who are wallowing in their success. These people continue to see their success in the monetary way, rather than in the substance of the energy behind that success.

One day these people look within at the stirrings that plague them, and whisper their discontent. Why do you continue with this lopsided approach to the wealth of the land? Why not make a stand and come out of the shadow of remorse and put it into action?

Well the people of the wealth decided to do just that. They formed a ring of plenty, and pooled their resources, for there were many, and declared to distribute this wealth among the people who had been stolen from by the king and his gang over the long years of their reign.

This formed a huge sum by which the people of the civilization could find a relief, and a foothold on which to stand. With this they could find the energy by which they could propel themselves out of the dungeons in which they had been held captive all these years. Oh, not to say that they couldn’t bring themselves out of the dungeons by themselves, indeed, many of them had.

However there were those who had been backed into a corner so deeply that they could not indeed see a way out for themselves, for that was all they had ever known, to their recollection. They would benefit by a helping hand, and a Light to help them see their way out from the shadows and into the Light.

As soon as word got round of the pooling of resources, a great many started to search the secret stashes of other monies that had been taken from the people in all the varied ways that the king and his gang could devise. These monies were added to the original resources of the wealthy ones. The count went way off the scale!

Now I tell you all; these monies were distributed among the people in a way that left no one out who desired to be counted. These monies represented the energy of release from the bondage of the dark forces. These monies represented a new vision that included the people in the totality of the abundance for the children of God. Soon peace reigned among the people of the land, for they had found the helping hand that represented the Father and Mother. This hand allowed them to see their own Light and ability. You see, it wasn’t the paper money that gave them the freedom; it was the energy the money stood for. It was the duality of the Light and the dark that was brought together that day, and this was the coming of the new in the land of Earth. This was the energy of change that, along with some other acts, brought the many back into the Light and assisted them to the full remembrance of who they were and why they were in the position they were in.

In this Light, they found the forgiveness of the dark forces, and offered a hand of Light to their fellow beings. “Come and join us in the Light. The Light is always on, and you are always welcome to come and partake of it, for you are one of us as surely as you exist in the Light of the Creator.”

I offer you this prophesy, and allow that you are the Creators of this prophesy, for it is you who have the power to see the Light that lives in Thine enemies, and to welcome them back into the fold in the forgiveness that is the wellspring of freedom from all darkness.

I am Sananda, and I welcome you to this day, and this Creation that you bring forward in the Light of the Truth.