Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  18, 2002

In the morning of the sixth day there was a great thundering unto the hills of Jerusalem. And a great army came forth and broke through the band of defenders of their rights. There stood among them a great warrior of courage and strength. This warrior took the band of citizens by the hand and said, “Come with me and we shall persevere among the enemy.”

Once more the army moved forward and the band of citizens stood their ground with the mighty warrior in front. A great battle insued, in which the great warrior came all around the enemy and defeated them in courage. The flash of his sword was swifter than the blink of an eye, and the blows from his fists rendered the army defenseless.

When the battle was over, and the citizens stood round surveying their victory, the great warrior took them by the hand again and said unto them, ”I am the mighty and the just; and I lead you through life in the promise of the land of Jerusalem. Come, go with me to the promise of the ages; and with me we will set down our arms and go together in peace.”

With those words the great warrior then stepped into the throng of soldiers lying on the ground. He touched their hearts and they rose one by one, and came unto him and bemoaned, “I am not worthy of your retribution or of life, therefore I do not see why you touch me so.”

The great warrior spoke thusly, ”You are the Light and the Love of our God who is the Source of all, therefore you are as worthy as these citizenry. Come unto me and begin your journey to Heaven, for I am mighty and I am just and I deliver you to your selves in the Light of the Holy.”

This is the tale I, Sananda bring you this day. This is the tale of the passage of time and history as it plays itself out many times on this earth. You have the opportunity to play this one out once again to the beginning of a new play. Come and be that great warrior who lays his sword down in the Light and raises it up once again in the Flame of the Truth. You have that opportunity to shine forth in your beingness and come to the House of The Lord in your Glory.

Take the raiment of war from your bodies and exchange them for the garments of peace and harmony among all. It is in your hands my mighty ones, for you are the citizenry of Jerusalem, and it is your world that awaits your calling this day.

We await your response to the message that springs forth from your hearts and your resolve. Allow that energy to wipe the earth clean of the scourge that has plagued it these many years. Sweep the earth clean with your Light.

It is your bidding that brings us to the periphery of your understanding, so open the door and allow us the entry that you bid. We are ready and mighty and bring you our Light to the center of your beingness. With that you can shine forth in the brilliance that is you reflected in us, and all that there is.

We adore and cherish you here in the Heaven. You are our family and we are in awe of your journey, for there has been none other as this.

Blessings abound for you all at the bidding, for here is the new threshold of God. I am Sananda and I bid you Hello, and Good day.