Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  15, 2002

I give you this morning a day of peace. I give you this morning a ray of sunlight. I give you this day a message of hope and good will. For I am the bearer of news of the day; I am Sananda, and I bring to you a tale of many ways of living the truth of your sorrow and shame in the Light of the coming sun.

In the days of old there was a great deal of deliverance of duties unto the Lord. This was brought forward in the disciplines of the many toward the few who gave themselves the sovereignty over all, and took the sovereignty away from the many.

But, you say, the few could not have lost their sovereignty had they not allowed it. This is true; this was the way of it in those times, for the amnesia was inflooded over all, even the few.

Then one day, the sun broke over the horizon and infiltrated all there was. The few and the many had a party that bespoke the sovereignty of the few. When the cake came round to be shared by all, there was none left for the many, for the few had eaten of it all. This made the many very distraught, for they hungered for the sweetness of the treat.

Along came a joyful presence, and the many bowed down before it. The presence bade them stand and be as themselves in it. The presence said, ”I am the potential of you, and I carry the guidance with which you can carry yourselves to the sunlight and the joyfulness. You can in me, go to the top of the ladder and find your sovereignty as it lives in the few.”

Oh, but the many did not even realize they gave anything away. All they knew was that there were them and there were the few, who reigned over them. That was the way of it. So they rejected the presence’s message. They bade him farewell and begon, for they feared its blasphemy.

The next day, a caravan of horses and men came upon the scene with a message for the many. This is the day of the reuniting of you all with your sovereignty. Go now into the world and address the few in their castles and tell them you are there to reclaim what is rightly yours.

The many feared this message, for they feared the few. They did not remember that they had their own sovereignty, and trembled in the Light of this caravan of messengers. They bade the caravan good-by, and waved them on their way. Alas, one of the messengers did not leave. He, a stalwart lad, stayed on in the land of the many. He sang to them of their lives and their strength. He told them tales of the everlasting glory of their beingness. He bade them to listen and feel in their hearts a faint stirring of truth of their own inner self.

The many listened to this lad, for he walked with a glow of the ages of wisdom. In his youth there was a vitality that bade them to think of their own youthfulness. They came to the understanding that they may have given a part of themselves to the fear that ruled the land, and the truth of the matter is they had. They had given their sovereignty over to the few, and in that they had lost the secret of eternal life represented in the youth of this lad.

Days went by, and the many had a plan. They took to the mountains and they took to the streams. They wandered the deserts, and they covered the valleys with their love and their searching for their lost part of them selves. They wondered why their search was in vain, when after so long they had not found what they sought.

Then one day a light shone before them, and from this Light came a voice. “I am here to tell you to search no more, for you have carried with you the very thing you have sought. The Light of your sovereignty lies and lives within your beingness. You never gave it away cept in thought and deed. You may claim it at any moment just by the intent and the doing. Taking back who you are is all within your countenance. You need not denounce the few in order to be the many. In doing this you bring the few to the many and create the All. For what is in your heart and soul is the truth of who you are.

The many bowed down and tears fell over the sweetness of the message. For it rang true and pure in its strength. They stopped their wanderings and looked to the few in the Light of the brethren within. They took them aside and told them they loved them and wanted to be as the one. They found the few were overcome with the shame of facing the sorrow of the many. For though the sorrow was in the way of the Light, there was no mention of the past deeds that had been wrought against the many.

Then a wondrous thing the few did see. The tears of the many stopped flowing and the glistening upon their cheeks gave way to the glistening that shone forth from their hearts. This caused a great melting in the hearts of the few, for they felt the urgings of their own truth come forth. The burden they had carried all these years was now too much for their shoulders.

The Light that shone forth told them they only need lay their burden down at their feet and the Light would shine forth from the few as well. This released the burden, and the Light shone forth and intermingled with the Light of the many. In that moment the few and the many became One. There was peace over the land and the Light shone as a beacon over the universe and guided the rest of the family to the miracle.

A great proclaiming of joy and abundance came forth that day; the oneness of the All was expressed in the mightiest of ways. From that day forward the All of the land lived in harmony and joy in the love that created the miracle.

This is a tale of the people of the earth that awaits the stepping into of the truth of the beingness of the people who reside on the planet of free will. You all are the many and the few, transported to a state of bliss of the All in the hands of your own sovereignty.

I give you this tale. I give you this promise of the glory that is yours for the taking back of your truth. This is a day of oneness; this is a day of jubilation. I am Sananda, and I bid you a day of beauty and love.

Blessings to you All.