Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 2, 2002


          Good morning, I am Kryon this day, and I wish to say that in the course of events in the time to come there will be untold jubilation that will result from the attitudes of the people that will be bringing forward the gifts of hope and love and restitution of that which was taken from them. Beginning soon there will be many people who will be given a new chance to develop a balance in their life, and an opportunity to establish a degree of satisfaction as to their station in life. So many people have been downtrodden, their spirit has been diminished due to the futility they feel over efforts they have made to create a life for themselves that is decent, that is comfortable, and that fulfills their feeling of accomplishment. A strengthening of the spirit within the people will go a long way to establishing a beauty that they will feel from inside. Gifts that are given are gifts of love and compassion, and the innate goodness that springs from the brothers and sisters who reach out their hands with gifts of the energy that is used in exchange these days.

          You concern your self my dear with the gifts the dolphins speak of, the false gifts and the broken promises. This, my dear is not what we speak of. Those false gifts are gifts that are given with strings. That is why they are called false. Beware the gifts that have conditions, for those are not gifts, but pawns, to bring you further into their clutches. And the promises they make are merely ways for them to coerce you into their power. They turn out to be only a promise of captivity, not of assistance and freedom. You see this happening in the business world often. You see this happening on many levels. They bait with a promise of wondrous things to come, and then the strings are revealed, the conditions are set down. These are not from the forces of the light, but the dark agenda.


Within a forest in a high country of this nation there lives a squatter who, unbeknownst to many, has established an ownership, in his estimation, of a piece of land that he has nurtured and created as his home place, over the course of many years. Within this plot of land there is a society, we speak of under the land; there is a society of beings that, one day will come forth through an opening in a cave. This society is supporting, energetically, the stand this man has taken, for they see him as a keeper of the sanctity of this land, for his energy of purity penetrates through the earth into their area. This is the innateness of the earth as she translates herself into the innateness of the people. Do you see the completeness here? What is below is above as well. When you hear these words, as is above so is below, you see a whole new meaning. This is an example of various places all over the globe where life on the surface bespeaks and assists in the support of the life below the surface of the earth.

There is an energy that is transmitted forth from the societies beneath the surface of the earth that draws certain people, or a person to that area and allows for the intent of their purpose to take place. They are not disturbed by the so-called establishment,  that would come and run him off; for this is his piece of heaven. And he may remain there for as long as he chooses. He is holding a bit of the purity of the earth within that plot of land. When the people of that underground society come forth he will join them and go forward with their message, for he has been receiving this message as he lives on this land. His life there is one of simplicity and peacefulness, which allowed for the energy of information and knowledge to come forth. This is part of the strength of the pockets of light that exist all over the planet, the co-ordination of what is beneath and what is above.

          An attitude of forgiveness comes round in the lives of many these days. To continue in the course of events that are coming forward is to establish a connection of all this energy of forgiveness, until finally there is a mass consciousness of forgiveness, which brings the all into this energy of forgiveness. When that happens, there will be a shift; the door will be opened for many to have turned around in their tracks and see a different light. For that light will be beyond the open door; they will choose very likely   to walk through that door into the light. You see there is a brightness that lives on the other side of the door. When that change within comes it will send out a message that is the key to unlock that door. That brightness on the other side is not there until the door is opened and the light from the person shines forth and is reflected back to him. So you see, what is on the other side of the door is the potential for that light to be seen by this person.

          I encourage you all to set down your arms, set down your grievances, and pick up the banner of love, forgiveness, compassion, and a forward going in a life of light. There is no coming together of the dark. There is no reward at the end of that passage. It is open ended, and this opens up into the abyss. You are an angel, every one of you, of light and live. Stand firm in that light, recognize the light that you are and find the strength in that. Walk away from those who would seek to diminish your light. And then, my dears feel compassion as you walk away from them for them for they too have lost their way. They are so deeply entrenched in their darkness that they are in need of assistance to help them to see their own light. We are giving you this opportunity to remember who you are, and to seek your chance at your destinies of light. These others will be given opportunity to seek their own chance. For God, the Source, knows no man, no being different from one another. So go forward in your journey feeling the peacefulness and the guidance from within. That is where your flame of truth resides.

          I encourage you to go forward in this day with a spring in your step, and love emanating from every particle of your beingness. See the difference it makes for you. You are a being of light and we salute you.

And so it is.