Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  30, 2002

Good morning my dear ones, I am Kryon and I welcome you to this day of sun and love. In the course of human events it becomes possible on occasion to stride forward into the Light on the other side of the veil. When this happens there is a multitude of angels waiting to welcome you Home, even if only for a second of earth time. When that happens, there is a healing that takes place that is permanent and complete, for as long as the human intends.

There is a great deal of difference between the time of earth and the time of no time. This difference is the degree of the perception of the human. When the healing occurs, the human takes on the perfection of his original state. In that state he is able to spring forth in the Divinity that he is and accomplish unto himself the directness of the source. From this point, he is able to relate that to another, and so on down the line, infinitely.

All this is in the no time of the other side of the veil. While he is there, he is able to be the very beingness that he desires in an instant. If he wishes to be the almighty warrior and slay the dragons, he does. If she wants to be the doll-like figure of delicacy and fragility, smiling demurely as she sips a cup of tea, she does.

In this doingness, he answers the call for the remembrance of that which he did on earth in his forgetfulness. The very experiences he once lived, he may revisit in an instant on the other side.

Why would he do that, you wonder. There is a great deal of opportunity to learn, and to change that which you have learned, or rather the method by which you learned. In order to accomplish the goals of your soul, you have many options, and they are all of your choosing, your creation. They await your bidding for the moving of your destiny.

I tell you this in order to give you an understanding of the variety of the choices you have, and the power you have to create those choices. You are not bound to one choice and “that is that”. You may slip through the time barrier and choose again. This can be accomplished by the ability you have to see the more beneficial means by which to learn. In retrospect, you may see that there was an easier, fuller road to take to the learning of a lesson. With your ability to bend time you can go back and change your experience of time already visited.

This is what occurs when the healing takes place. On an atomic level the healing, or restoration of the perfection is accomplished through the revisiting process. Time is transcended, and the miracle occurs.

Now to the part I alluded to at the beginning. This healing can be carried over into the life in the present reality, or let go of when you slip back to your side of the veil. Your decision about this depends on your perception of the benefit the healing will be to the road you are on right now.

Do you know how many times in this life you experience the total and complete healing of the disturbance in your body? My dears, can you fathom the moments of perfection in which you visit our side of the veil and we kiss your feet? You are awesome in your abilities, not only in that you achieve this perfection for the moments you are with us here, but then you slip back into the limitedness to carry out your purpose for yourselves and mankind. Is it any wonder we love you so?!

There is to come a shift of time and space in which you will choose as your perceptions a different way of being. This you have already announced. This you have already proclaimed. You have seen the worst of yourselves, and the best of yourselves, and you have loved all of it; for you know that it is all Holy. You are angels in disguise walking the earth in a promise to yourselves and the universe. We wash your feet with our tears, and declare them Holy.

And so it is.