Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  24, 2002

This is a morning of humming through the roses and coming up with a song of plenty. I give to you this fine day a basket of sunshine and a dish of content that will last a lifetime and more. I am Kryon, and I wipe your feet with the rags of desire and attitude of intent.

During the course of the next few days, I ask that you survey your lives and bring into perspective the order of the events with which you fill your lives. This will go far in the coming together of the promises you make and keep to your selves and others.

How do those promises look to you? Do they carry the energy of love or fear? Are they born in truth or the fantasy that springs from the heart of deception? Are you engaging in the throes of the dead, or are you Divinely ordered? What would you say is the motivating force behind the events and the opportunities you bring forth in your lives?

I behold the glad tidings of the ages. This is the continuance of the song of the dammed, for in that refrain is the forgetfulness of the sleepy. Waiting round the corner is the avenue of the Blessed. I give you a secret, which is really not hidden from you. The avenue of Blessings has run parallel with you all of the time. It is laden with gold and gilt with silver. It holds many treasures that are yours for the claiming.

In this claiming you lay down your thoughts of war; you lay down your thoughts of loss; you lay down your desires of the unworthy, and pick up the inheritance of the Holy. Then you go on in Blessedness into the Land of the Divine, carrying your Holiness as a symbol of all the courageous acts you’ve committed in the name of humanity.

This day is one of promise. This day carries with it the cross of the Resurrection. This day is the day from which you go forward in the life of your salvation from the self- imprisoned walls that stand in the way of your freedom. This day is any day that you choose to create the beauty of the promise you give to yourself in the name of the Divine and the Light.

There is not any circumstance that comes your way that you do not draw to yourself. This is in accord with the amnesia and the lessons you bring to your selves. I tell you this day you may step out of that cloud and into the ray of sunshine that waits at the bend in the road. You are the family that we on the other side of the veil love so dearly. We long for the time when you return to the fold in your remembrance of us and of yourselves, for we are all one. When you awaken and see us there you will find the sunshine of your eternal Grace; and you will weep with us in the Joy.

I am Kryon, your brother and sister of Light, and I salute you in all that is Holy.

And so it is.