Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  22, 2002

Good morning, I am Kryon and I wish to speak with you of a matter of innocence and fun in the daily undertakings of the society within which you live and learn. This is a time of injustice and the coming together of the forces in which this injustice will be brought before the tribunal courts of the land. In order to understand more fully the governing practices of the respective societies, one must be able to understand the developing governing of oneself.

This is the conditioning of the self in a way that has not here-to-fore been experienced, not that is, in this lifetime. To establish a governing body for the people in the new energy, one will find the relevance of the contemporary way of being enshrouded with the mists of change. When the mists clear away you will find the new glow with which the everyday occurrences are carried out are different in manner and content.

This change starts in the hearts and minds of the individual. Within this confine you will find the freedom that extends to the whole in its manifestation. This change represents the wholeness of the individual as it speaks to the quality of mercy within each soul for the forces that have kept so many enslaved. I say to you today that this enslavement was agreed upon, or it could not have happened. This is the first realization that will open the door to your freedom. The next is to take back the power that you have unwittingly given away and exercise the inherent right you have to bring about the changes in your life that you intend, and do so in the energy of sharing and compassion.

Together with the forgiveness that opens the avenue of togetherness, these energies will propel you into the new energy with a great deal of love and co-operation with each other. These are the ingredients that will gather all the beauty and energy of manifestation that brings into reality the birth of the New Jerusalem.

When I speak of the New Jerusalem, I speak of the world; I speak of the temple of the ages as it lives within each and every one of you. To go into this age with the old energy, is to fall along the wayside and watch as the others disappear from view as you lay in the mists that enshrouded you all along. To walk with the others into the Promised Land is to pick up the mantle of change and mold it into the newness of your soul as you walk in the arms of God.

Come, go with the air of the Creator that you are. Find the place within your heart that holds the key to the journey of your life. This is the time of the enrichment of your beingness. Help to bring the manifestation of peace to this time by being all that you can be in the energy of change and the development of the times of the manifestation of the ascension of planet Earth and all of her inhabitants.

You are the guiding star of your destiny. We behind the veil salute you and bring to you the means by which you may know our love and our devotion to you. I speak in the name of the Holy, and that is you my dears.

And so it is.