Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  16, 2002

Good morning my dear ones. This is a grand day to be alive and well on planet Earth! I am Kryon, and I bring to you this day a release of energy that will be useful for you in the goings on of the events that will be bringing forth several changes in the structure of the governing bodies of the earth.

The first I speak of is the change in the monetary system. This change will come about in the very near future, for it has been long in coming. There are several factors in the presentation of these changes, for in the course of the events there lies the impetus of the decisions of all the people of the world. As I have told you before, the combined energies of choice and free will determine the opportunity window that these types of events may come through.

As well as the monetary, there will be a governing change that will show itself in the willingness of the people to accept the party that will be presented for the temporary replacement of the present regime. The process of new elections will be started very soon after the temporary regime is in place.

These two along with an announcement and showing of the family from the cosmos will be events that will change the course of this planet and all who reside here. This too, I have explained in previous messages.

What I havenít addressed as yet is the continuance of the war machine in the Middle East. This will be the letting go of the need to follow in the footsteps of the predecessors of ancient times. This will not be an overnight event. This will be represented in the memories of the peoples who stand in place in their righteous complexities of land ownership and sovereignty over those lands and the belief systems the land represents to them. When you try to set in place an idea that represents a blasphemy to worshipers in their faith, there is going to be resistance.

This is where the danger lies. Also, this is where the garden for new growth lies. This is opportunity, my dears, for the eventual coming together of all the people of the world. For you see, in the free will society there is a degree of change that will not be orchestrated until the participants have found and set in place that change by seeing the truth within.

So, here lies the situation. With the free will comes the amnesia, comes the steadiness of staying in one place. Only with the intervention of the Light to instill the power to come forth from the amnesia can the truth be allowed to be seen and the amnesia lifted. And only with the release of certain energies can the intervention be accomplished. This is the scenario you are experiencing at the time. In itís complexity there is simplicity. There is an order to the events happening, and this order cannot be laid out before you, as the order is influenced and come about by the decisions the people make. There is a mathematical formula behind this, and for you who are versed in math you will find that the dichotomy of the equation is the perfection of the outcome.

To sum this all up, you will find that there is a definite bending toward the light these days, and that bending is of the people as they begin to feel their inherent abilities of truth within. This is represented in the many who joined in the world prayers and the coming forward to express their voice. This is happening also in a less public way, but we here on the other side of the veil see it. We see the millions who are shining their Light all across the globe. We see the smiles of love, and the tears of adoration on the faces of the people who are finding themselves in each other. We see the sunshine that spews forth from the countenances of so many as they remember some of who they are, and then who their neighbors are.

This is how it is happening, my dears, for this is the promise that is being whispered from the lips of countless beings who have remembered some, and tap into more in their journey. I give you my love and compassion from which to draw should you choose, for there is endless to draw from, and endless to hold.

Now as we descend behind the veil of promise and sit in the seat of joy, we watch from our balconies and applaud your activity, and shout blessings to one and to all.

And so it is.