Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  3, 2002
In the coming months you will all see a barrage of events that will supercede any that has come before. During these events there will be a complete turnaround of the properties of the governing of the land. In the instance of the coming events, you will find that the jurisdiction of the masses will be according to the principles of self-governing. Respectfully, you will also find that there will be no incidence of the re-establishment of the kinds of goings on that have plunged you into the state of chaos in which the affairs of the world now reside. A continuance of these principles of justice and an order of the Light will bring peace and harmony to the planet, and that state of the planet will have its origin in this coming time period.

Gather together in the coming times and place yourselves in the position of the founding people of this new way of being. This is an auspicious time to be alive on this great planet Earth. You can be one of the ones who steps forward and lends your voice to the cause of freedom. Just by being in your Light, and revealing to the man on the street, the friend over coffee, the person in line at the supermarket. Offering your words of light and wisdom will begin to change the energy to that of the light. This can produce a sense of hope, a sense of charity to your fellow man. It can give the people the message that it is possible for them to make a difference in this fine life they are a part of these days. Come up to the throne of goodness and mercy, and find the voice that has for so long been silent. Once on this throne, bring all those you see right there alongside you. You will find that the potential within that seat is for it to expand and become as the size of the world.

There is one more word I would like to offer you this fine day, along with the promises we offer you for this coming time. That is that there is no obstacle left unturned in this path towards freedom. There is no mountain you cannot climb, for in this path is the Light of the Spirit that sat on the shores of this fine land centuries ago and discovered that there was an opportunity to come together with some others who would bring to them a kind of togetherness that had been long enjoyed with the natives of the land. This was a scenario that had played itself out in many regions of the world, with the own individual stamp of identity that spoke of the uniqueness of man. Now you have the opportunity to create that vision, as you are in that same place you were in those centuries, and indeed those eons ago. This is the time of rebirth for those dreams that gave way to the atrocities that came with the onset of certain people to the shores of new worlds to conquer. This time it can be different. This time, the other people are experiencing the withdrawal of their power, and the cannons of life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom take on a whole new energy. That energy is born in the Light, not in the fear that drove those people away from their homeland. Within this energy there lies a promise, a promise of ability and co-operation in the cause of freedom, for you have met the oppressor, and he is stopped.

Now I gather all my beautiful people together, and ask you what you would do if there were no obstacle to the desires and intentions of your heart. And I state to you, to realize that these wishes are within reach for you. All you need do is take the fork in the road and follow the path to the Light that shines your way home.

I am Kryon, and I bid you a wondrous day and an even brighter tomorrow. You are indeed the forerunners of the beautiful future full of promise; it will be of your making. Go forward in peace and joy, my dears. And shine!