Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 4, 2002

From the Galactic Federation

          My dears, you are entering into an age of forgiveness and antiquity of ideas, and the bringing forth of old promises made new. During this period of time in which you are at the kindergarten stage, there will be many changes come about in which you will find the freedom that comes from the release of the dark energies that have been plaguing you for so long.

          In the instance of the compilation of the energies of the Light within the structures of the governing bodies of your world, you will find correlation between those as they are set down, and the inner qualities of the intuitive urgings that come forward. You may find they carry a different energy. You may find that within these intuitive whispers lies a potential for a whole new way of relating not only to others, but to your selves as well.

          This is part of the shift of the ages, my dears. This is an innate power of the Divine. Follow the Light that propels you in your daily doings and you will find an ease with which your life unfolds.

          We wish to inform you of an event that takes place in the heavens at this time. On the planet Jupiter there is a meeting of the Galactic Federation that is putting together a plan for the eventual doing away of the many sources of pollution on your planet. It is within our jurisdiction that we do this, for the vote was brought forward, and one of the emissaries involved in the voting procedure was a human representing planet earth. Once the shift to the Light is accomplished, there will be a number of emissaries from your planet.

          We here in the Galactic Federation intend for the total and free co-operation of all the members in the wondrous carrying out of the workings of the galaxy. In this intent lies the love and compassion we hold for all of the beings on the planet. Those who have in their purpose long held the planet in their control, are merely following the programming they have involved themselves in, and they, as well as those who have been encaptured, are being held in the Light of the creator. Through their rehabilitation, they will be given opportunity to shine forth and set a new purpose and destiny for themselves, as will you. This, my dears is the key to the door of freedom. To find in your hearts the forgiving nature that is inherent within you is to tune in to the very truth of the Creator-self. This is the energy that will assist you to the healing of your world in every aspect. The power of forgiveness is the power of the ages. Once you have tapped into and activated that power, you have activated eternity.

          We leave you now in this message, and we wish for you a grand and glorious day in the neighborhood.

          The Galactic Federation of the Milky Way Galaxy