Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 12, 2002

This, my friends, is a day of prayer and thankfulness. To go forward in the energy of the purposefulness of your lives is to take your power back out of the hands that have used it till their pockets are lined with gold, and their roads are swimming in black, liquid gold.

This is not the way you are willing to have it anymore; you have told us this by your actions of late, and your Light that shines forth more brightly as we observe your beautiful countenances.

Today is a day of prayer, a day when the forces of the darkness will find themselves being turned around face to the wall. When this happens they will be bathed in the Light that shines forth from all of you beautiful beings. Their destiny will be to have to face their own products of their greed, ego, and contempt for freedom. As you all shine your light in their direction, they will have to see their own Light as it meets with yours. Whether or not they accept this innate part of themselves is a story of their own writing.

So we encourage you to go forward in your blessing times and bring all the blessings that stand ready for expression down upon you. For it is in your ballpark, and you all are the umpires. This is your story and your game. You have written the script, and you have the voice in this. You have called to us, and we are ready. We will not fail you, for there is no failure in spirit. Did you hear that? There is no failure in spirit!

We are by your side and in your hearts. We love you in the roles that you choose, as you reach out and take our hands for support. For you are using your free will and you do believe in the miracle of peace in this troubled time on your planet. Evidence is in your halls of governance. The present regime is feeling bitter victory, for they wanted to bask in the unanimous victory they expected. Instead they see that their power has indeed slipped. The people are making a difference, and the hold of the dark agenda is weakening as we speak.

You are accomplishing that with your refusal to remain silent. You have seen how taking back your voice, bit by bit, re-forms the authority of the nation, and propels you back to the premise of We The People. You are a strong, dedicated lot; you know your sovereignty, and you are reminding your selves how to use it.

As you all band together this day in unison of prayer, we shine our respect, admiration and compassion into your lives and hearts, for you are our children, brothers and sisters, and you are taking back the opportunity for the peaceful planet that you all see for yourselves. Hold that vision strong and sure in your inner sight, and see it manifest in your experience of your world right this moment.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we stand by ready for the promise we give you to unfold. When your voices all raise in prayer over the globe, our voices will join yours, and together we will celebrate the victory of the ages, the one in which we ALL win.

Good day, and we light out candles with your Light.