Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  28, 2002

Good morning, I am Baldor, and I welcome you to my energy. This is an auspicious day in the joining of the revolutionary forces of the dark and the Light. There will be an undertaking of such magnitude that you will wonder at the energy of it. This is an event that will not necessarily be known round the world, only in some circles; however the result will be enjoyed worldwide.

This event will be the unmasking of several of the families of the dark agenda. These families have long been prevalent in their dealings on your planet. This is coming to an end. There will be a reckoning they will face, and the result will be the downfall of their goings on.

Through this event there will be the end to the anarchy with which they have chosen to rule the world they have created. This anarchy has plagued the western world in particular, and the rest of the world through its dealings with the western world. As I say, this will not be an event that will be known by the general public, but by the alternative news people in a limited manner.

The reason for the secrecy is to assure that the transformation that will result from this will take place without the interference of the remaining families of the dark agenda. This step is being taken in the closets of the society of the darkness. We must keep this under wraps, so to speak, because of the trouble the other families would bring to the world, as a result.

Please understand that this is being done with the utmost respect to the free will of humanity. Nothing will take place that is not allowed by these people. There is an element here of allegiance to the Confederation of the Planetary Forces that is being honored. The steps that will be taken are taken in the boundaries of the choices these people make. We have conferred with them, and they have decided that this is the only course of action they can take. They have not been coerced into this decision, for they have seen that this is the only recourse they have at this time.

We have seen the tiny spark that glimmers within their beingness, and we have met it with the strong Light that shines forth from ours. They have responded with the energy of propagating their own survival, and finding the road to their own immortality. They have admitted to us the onset of the shame and desperation in which they have fought to rise above and not be captive of. Theirs has been, of late, a desperate journey of survival and fear under which they have been enslaved, even as they have enslaved others.

It is within the nature of their ancestry to reign with havoc and hierarchy over the planet, and keep those of humanity under their control. It has long been the intent to create a master race of them selves to own and keep in their control the whole of the earthlings.

They know now that this is not going to be the way of it. They have given over to the Light their part in this great deception, and are standing ready to be taken to a place of rehabilitation. From this place they will be readied for distribution to another planet where they will be able to serve themselves to the family of the Light.

I, Baldor, have found in this event, promise for the people of my planet Orloff. For now, this is encouraging news in the desire and worthiness of our ability to be a part of your solar system in the future. In my capacity as an angel of the Heavens, I am pleased to be of service to not only my people on Orloff, but also to the angels on planet Earth who so valiantly are striding forth in their amnesia, and coming as the moth to a flame to the Light of the Almighty. This says a great deal of the inherent Lightness that we see shining forth from your corner of the galaxy and the universe.

I give to you a promise of unswerving love and devotion. You as a planet of free will are going to come out of your long sleep, and see that your choice this time is to remain awake and be one with the All. I salute your choices, and I salute the choice of the family that is making a giant step toward the freedom of your planet from the tyranny that has for so long reigned. Now you will all be stepping into the Light that reflects back at you from the whole of existence.

Good day, and so long for now. I am Baldor, and I wish you a rainbow of flowers.