November 19, 2009              


Hi Dear Friends,

This is a momentous morning for me, for I have been visited by St. Germain with information that you will read below. First I will bring this brief update on where Bob, Toshiro and I are now. On 11:11, at 11:11 AM we turned onto the road which took us to our new rental home in the western hills of Tucson AZ. We live now in a dome house, with a fenced yard for Toshiro, among the Saguaros, palo verde trees, and other beautiful desert life on the edge of the Saguaro National Forest. We are very pleased to be here, and we welcome any of you who may live in the area to email and make connection with us.


Now for the message from St. Germain:



Wake up Call: St Germain Nov19, 09


My dear ones, it has been a while since I came to you through this one and today I wish to share something with you about what is taking place in your world. I am St.Germain, and I come with news of the political/financial world. I give this information as being connected because there is no way in the present world that it can be separated.

As the societal changes take place, and also the energetic changes take place at the same time, much is being transformed that will bring about a new way of seeing the world as you know it. A new way of taking care of business will come from the changes that are being generated from all of the activity that is superseding the opinions of those who would see that the people fall, and the ones bringing about the changes will reign supreme.

Allow me to tell you in no uncertain terms, that the notion that the ones who are generating the changes, namely the illuminati, are the ones who will fall. There is no way that they cannot fall, for in their downward spiral they have created a momentum that has no outcome but to swiftly and surely bring about their return to the Creator for their second chance to bring about their Grace.

What that means to those of you who are patiently and yet powerfully standing by the wayside and awaiting your move, is that there will be an exact moment in all of this when you will hear the call to freedom within, and that is when you will feel the tides turning and the urge to move forward in the ways that you are destined to create the changes that will bring about the new world that you have been preparing for.

Yes, in these past years you have been preparing for the upturning of your world. You have each had your own part in this and though some of you have felt to turn away from the flood of news that has been generated about what is taking place in the background, you still have been there holding an energy that keeps the balance. Yes, this balance has been necessary in order for the apple cart to remain firmly footed before it turns upside down and exposes all of the rotten apples on the bottom of the pile.

Now the time is upon us for all of you who have deterred your work to that of a peace forming movement and of silent time in repose, to come forward once more and sound forth the trumpet of truth and give it all you’ve got. Withstand no interference, for now you will be able to come forth with no resistance or interference, for the position that the illuminati have put themselves in is one to which they must give their full attention in order for them to maintain their momentum. They are caught in their own traps, and the only way for them now is to give their games full attention, while all of you dear lightbeings take the reigns and create that kind of world that you see as being ideal for you to live free, powerfully and in peace.

It has been a journey of long suffering and much strife. It is almost over dear ones, and now that the tides are changing there is to be a new way to seeing life on earth. There will be a few more seeming catastrophic events that will come, yet as you approach these prophesied events, see that they are not as violent as they have been told they would be. See that with your combined energies of intent those events will lesson and only those necessary for the cleansing of earth will be allowed their emergence. The only lives that will be lost are those who have made agreement to leave for the betterment of their soul journeys. Those dear ones are the ones who will return and will step into their new lives and world alongside all of you in the new earth and the wonderful times of rebuilding and peaceful celebration that will be the new way of being in union with dear Gaia.

I come to you at this time through this one to announce that she, as well as many others who have been relatively silent for some time, will burst forth in their new energy along with those of you wondrous souls who have kept the momentum going, and with your combined energies will stride together in full force and create Heaven on Earth. It is time now, dear ones, for you are awakening to the Mushaba Force within you. You are opening up to that inherent energy that was imbued with you at the time of your physical creation on earth. You are now ready to take the next step and to strike the flag for freedom and empowerment in a way that represents the peace and joy that will spring forth from your hearts. I will stand alongside all of you, along with all of the rest of your family from the ‘skies’. We will sing a song of love and will march forth in the new dance of freedom. It will be seen and heard throughout the universe as the song of Love and Light forevermore.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate