November 23, 2009              




As Bob and I watched a music DVD last night and Cosby, Stills and Nash began their song about Jacques Cousteau and the whales and dolphins, I suddenly got the feeling that I was about to receive information concerning what I read about in the a couple of days ago. It troubled me, and all of those who posted and read the information. I have included excerpts and the urls to go and read more from what I researched on google, and then below is what I received from Spirit.


“Aside from the fact that the number of North Atlantic long-finned pilot whales is unknown and they are listed as 'strictly protected' by the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, this is an act of barbarism and pointlessness. By slaughtering 100 whales at a time, the Faroese are wiping out entire pods and family groups. They are removing building blocks from the gene pool of the species and damaging the web of life in the North Atlantic and the North Sea.” This comes from the following url:


“It is hard to believe that in this age that this bloody massacre annually takes place on Faroe Island in a country that claims to be a civilized member of the European Union. It is not publicized that this blood thirsty massacre is a rite of passage into adult life for participating young men. It is incredible that this act of barbarism against this species, a dolphin intelligence that is known to approach people with curiosity has not been made public. Please help spread the word.” This comes from the following url:



Those teenage boys kill those dolphins because the tradition is from when they were the ones who were in danger. The souls of these peoples, who live in Denmark, and for centuries have been carrying on this tradition, where once embodied in the dolphins and whales. At that time they were capitulated upon by the ones who sought to defend their lands. Yes, the ones who now take part in the traditional slaughter were once the dolphins and whales. And the ones who were the people of those times now embody today’s dolphins and whales.


Yes some of the animals of earth once had human form, and in order to resolve the karma they have assumed human forms. The people of those times took the freedoms from the dolphins and whales back then, for they felt that they were taken advantage of. They took the presumption that they were intruded upon and in that they took their advantage and regained their land and their supremacy.


This is what led to the ultimate karmic absolution. This is what the ultimate energy of this universe is. It is not only on earth that karma is acted out. It is a law of the universe, and when something is started it is eventually completed by all involved. It is wholly experienced by all involved. In that way there are no loose threads and all is complete. In that way it does not have to be repeated and re-patterned, for the circle has been completed.


The ones in Denmark now were the ones who first settled that part of earth and when they began their karmic circle it was to establish a heading on earth that would absolve all of the karmic patterns. However, it began a trail of unfinished laws of karma and in so doing the dolphins are here retelling their tale. They are establishing the ability of the ones who take the lives of the dolphins in that area, in order to establish the possibility to break the cycle and allow the dolphins their freedom, just as they did for the ones in that area to do for them.


Yes, the dolphins were the first sentient beings in that area of the world and they are now being acted out as humans. The dolphins then lived a lifespan that equaled that of the humans who are now involved in the killing of the dolphins and whales. The time is soon to come when the tides of energy are turning. There is one who will before 2012, realize on a soul level, that it is time to end this patterning and will give of his life, one with the other, the dolphin and his life sacrificed for karma.


The dolphins are outliving their karmic promise and soon the law will be complete, for there is one who will be saying no more, and the dolphins will no longer be present in the waters that they swim in now. It will be red with the blood of the one who will step forward and absolve the law and then the circle will be complete, and the tradition will no longer be followed.



Nancy Tate