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Hi Everyone,

I have received several emails expressing concern about Overton, and the fact that he is a Reptilian/Draconian. Iím not surprised for I understand why people would be concerned, since the presence of them in our history has been so negative. In my reply to one of the emails, I found myself writing from my higher self, and realized this may help some of you to further understand what is taking place on a higher level, and how we as individuals can help in this ascension process for everyone. Here is what I wrote:


Dear R,


I understand what your question is; I'm sure there are many who wonder about this. What I can tell you is that the Reptilian/Draconian race were created to perform their part in this whole destiny of the second universe, which is the one we are living in. Because they were created in Love, from the very seed of The Creator, is it not possible for them to someday return to that love from which they came?


That is what happened to them; they have been following their destined plan/roles and now they are in the process of completing the karmic circle that is set into place. In this way, they are doing what they can to live their part in this destiny that will see us all return to that love of The Creator, even those of the Reptilian/Draconian race who are still on earth embodied in what we call the illuminati.


As we all move toward our ascension, we each choose our own way, and in so doing we open certain channels that create our own unique process toward the ascension that we are evolving to. As we observe what is taking place right now we see that the illuminati are so caught up in the fear from which they have seemingly gained so much power, that they are unable to release themselves from it at this time.


In this we have seen that as one slips away gradually from oneself, one creates a black hole into which one endlessly falls back into and falls even deeper into. Because of this, those of the illuminati who are endlessly caught in their own trap may have to continue in their own created world by themselves, for an unlimited amount of time until such time that they return to The Creator to begin all over again in expression.


In the meantime, all of us who choose to go on and express in our love, the Love that is inherent within us, will be able to evolve on to express our purity of love and light. Part of this is to express our love toward any and all parts of The Creator, and that includes the Reptilian/Draconian species. We can thank them for playing their roles in this journey of evolvement back to ourselves, and in that way, we offer to them a lifeline by which they can return to their own Love and Light. Then they can join the rest of their species, of which Overton is but one 'out/in there' who is working to help bring about the destined unity of All.


The surest way to ascension is through the avenue of love toward All. With this we create heaven in our minds, and that translates into heaven on earth and everywhere. There is nothing more powerful than the Force of Love and Light, expressed in freedom and empowerment, creatively and with the Truth that is within. This is the gift that we have been given of the Mushaba Force that is within all of us.


Thank you who have written asking me about this.
Love, Nancy Tate