Wakeup Call Message
November  24, 2005







An interesting thing happened last evening as I was scrolling down through my emails. As the subject lines moved by before my eyes, I saw a flash of one that said Happy Thanksgiving. When I went back to look at that one, it wasn't there, anywhere.

I looked through them again, and as I was telling Bob about it, it flashed before my eyes again, and once more it wasn't there when I went back to look for it. I thought it weird and pondered on it for a few moments, then dismissed it.

This morning when I scrolled down through my emails, lo and behold, there they were, two subject lines saying Happy Thanksgiving.

Did I have a few moments in the future? I tend to think I did. Two flashes of the future; not much really in some respects, but a whole lot in others.

It seems to deliver the message that time is irrelevant, and that it is always time for a Happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude seems to be the prevalant word these days, and that can only mean one thing. If we have something to be grateful for, it must mean that we are rich beyond compare with all our dreams coming true. It could mean that indeed when we wake up and see the playout of what we saw flash the day before, we are living the Thanksgiving that has been given us.

Gratitude came on the heels of Surrender for me recently, and in many of our lives. Once we surrender to Spirit that which we intend for our lives, then we have reason to be grateful, for all our dreams come true.

Once I surrendered to an issue I was dealiing with a couple days ago, then the gifts began, immediately. After taking Toshiro out for his late afternoon walk, we came back into the RV park where we are, through a different door than usual. As we walked toward our rv I stopped and exclaimed, "Look this site is empty; it is beautiful!" It had a 6'x10' patch of grass, a tall tree, and three 4', graceful, bonsai- looking trees. It's the best site in the park!

We checked at the office and indeed it was available, so we moved our rig to this mini-shangri-la, with a clear view of the Orgon Mtns, because it was the last site in the row. I feel the difference; there is a peaceful feeling surrounding this site, and I am ever so grateful that we were led to take a different route this time.

Isn't that what it is all about? Taking a different route, breaking the stagnant energy and stepping out in trust and surrender? From this newness comes the gifts, and the gratitude. I know this is the first gift in a series to be coming our way. All we need to do is be in surrender and gratitude.

I thank you all for being in my life. You are beautiful beings of light, and I love you all very much.