Wakeup Call Message
November  04, 2005


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones who serve and serve well, you are the pioneers of this game of light on planet earth. You are the ones who came here millennia ago and set down a promise to each other and to the universe that you would play this game to your best and in so doing bring a new message of love to all of creation.


Good morning, my dear ones, I AM St. Germain and in this opening I bring to you the story of your beginnings on earth and the result of that beginning. I know that you have heard this story many times in many ways, all with the same overlying theme. This time I present it as a past history for I speak to you now from your future.


In this future I am walking with you on the surface and within the hollow earth. I am reveling in the freedom and peacefulness that is present in our lives. There are all around us evidences of the triumph we made over the darkness that threatened to break down the door to oblivion.


We made it to the door of everlasting light, and we did it in a way that was both uplifting and strengthening. We did it in the blink of an eye and it is final in its scope. In that finality is expressed the end forever to the darkness that engulfs and entraps. Behind us forever is the forgetfulness of who we are and why we came here in the first place. Our legacy is that we shall always remember what we did and why we did it.


We are surrounded on this day with beauty manifested from the heart of The Creator. This is a panorama so intensely beautiful, while at the same time gently soothing that we wonder how we could ever have lived in anything less. It is only because we did not remember who we are. We did not know that this is what gives us our perpetuality and immortality. This perfection of constant perpetuality is our lifestream, and our sustenance. We are this beauty and peace, we are this abundance and prosperity of soul; therefore this is our natural state.


Walking along the soft grass lined pathway we step over stones of purest light. They adhere to the softness of our step and give way to the union of everything. There is no crushing of the grasses or flowers as they rise to be one with us in our passing. The unity is expressed in the perfection of non- invasiveness. They whisper to us and sing as we pass on by and into another embrace.


All of nature is conjoining with us as we move through the meadows. We pause in our travels and admire the blades of grass that aspire to our touch. They sigh and caress our fingertips in their dance of love. They beckon us to pause by the waters that cascade down the expanse of rock that adorns the splashes of water that refresh and cleanse the body as we immerse ourselves in their dance.


All of this is part of the wonderland of nature on mother earth. This is what is represented within the hollow earth and what was once represented on the surface. This is being held in promise for us who reside on the surface and what is being restored to its pristine beauty as we go forth in our transformation to perfection.


Once we finish with the restorative process in conjunction with The Creator and Mother Gaia herself, we will celebrate by giving Gaia her skin once again. We will honor her glory by visiting the surface as a Garden to be enjoyed and respected. We will live within the crevasses and caves of her surfaces. We will live within the mantle of her crust, and we will live within the hollow earth and allow the surface to retain its beauty and sanctity in tribute to the beauty of The Creator.


Those homes will be light and airy. They will be everything that we want them to be. There will be no feeling of being hemmed in, no claustrophobia, no gloomy interiors. We will create our living spaces with our minds, with the capabilities that we possess to create anything that we desire for our comfort and enjoyment. Do you love to gaze up at the stars at night and revel in your cosmic family? You will be able to do that, for there will be nothing that you cannot do. Your homes will speak of your own unique nature and creativity. They will reflect what is in your heart and soul.


We are in the process, in this future I stand in now as I give you this report. I have chosen this future to give you a preview of where you are headed. This is the perfection to set into your energy of intent. This is what your destiny is as a living, walking, breathing lightbody who has inherited this planet from all of your years of toil and tribulation on her surface. This is the gold ring that is at the end of any game, and now you can see the golden ring in its glory from within the earth as well as on the surface.


When the time comes that you will be standing here with me in this Garden of Eden, you will have shown all of creation what you can do. You will have closed the circle and come round fully to a more enriched state of being and a fuller understanding of how life in a matter state can enhance the experience of being. You will have surpassed the limitedness of 3D and come round to the unlimitedness of living in your lightbody while remaining on earth.


I now prepare to return to your present time period. There is much to be done here and as I return I see the time periods leading back to your time. I see what you have experienced on the way to this future and I watch as we all make this difference that leads to the perfection that beckons us.


I will be here with you once again, and in a twinkling of an eye, I AM back. I stand with you now, refreshed and ready to delve into whatever it takes to get this transfiguration completed. I AM with you all the way, and I see that we will sail through it with flying colors.


Hang on to your hats for we are in for a ride that is both satisfying and gratifying. It is to be a trip to remember and as we trip around the sun for a few more times, we do so with the energy of love and light within propelling our way. I kept the candle burning in that future; we shall find our way there with flying colors.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate