Wakeup Call Message
November  02, 2005


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  St. Germain 


All the voices out there in the land of plenty have much to say. They have much to convey to the world and to the people of light, as well as the ones who sleep still. Those voices are the voices of the All-knowing, and in their tone is much love and jubilation for the times that are here and the times to come.


Good morning, I AM St. Germain and I come this morning with a song about joy and a stream of light that speaks to the heart and conveys a message of love. I hear those voices as you do and in their tone is a statement of truth that bears witness to the ideas of love and compassion that emanate from every corner of the globe.


When you awoke this day, you did so with the tremendous feeling of ecstasy that accompanies the realization that all is above the realm of probability and into the realm of Now. As you awakened you did so from the realm of truth that told you that in these next days you would see the unfoldment of a treasure trove of news that would gladden your hearts and speak to you of the release of all the hidden news that is to reveal the nature of what has been taking place in the world over the past many decades.


In those decades you are to see that there has been a gradual erosion of freedom and justice and in these times you are to see that this is in a reversal, and that when all is said and done the ideas of freedom and justice are to be the cornerstone for everything that is done and that is lived in this world.


This will come about in a way that speaks of the voices that are whispering now. These voices tell us of the travesties of justice that have been perpetrated against the people. They tell of the instances when the lies covered up more lies. They tell of the times when the load was far more than could be borne and someone took their own lives in order to be free. These are the voices that serve to speak the truth that can set you free in joy and in the sovereignty that you take back to your life.


Accept that which is to come your way as an example of how far from truth fear-based ideas can go. Accept them as part of the growth mechanism by which you aspire to new levels of understanding. Accept them as a stepping-stone to the allowance of truth and justice to be the only remaining manner in which life is served. See that you are that truth and you live in the Divine Justice that is the energy of all life.


I come to you this day and I speak of these things. I speak of matters beyond what mere words can convey. I speak of listening to the voices that emanate from your own inner wisdom, and I speak of the forward movement in the guidance that comes from your inner language. As you listen and then move through life, your world reflects that which is golden. Your world becomes the reflection of what your wisdom tells you.


This is the formula by which you go through life. You touch all hearts with your truth, and in that touch is the passage of love that you feel for all of mankind, and all of life. You reveal yourself in that touch, and you speak of the unity you feel. You reverberate with the touch that returns itself to you, and you know that you have touched eternity.


Go now into the world and spread yourself around. See the difference you make in anyone’s life and know that it returns tenfold. Know that as you kiss the child on the cheek you kiss God. Know that as you hug a tree you hug God. Know that as you speak to your neighbor, you speak to God. Know that as you love one another, you love God.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate