Wakeup Call Message
November  01, 2005


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Dear ones of the family of earth. We are here today to bring you news of the galaxy. We are the Galactic Federation, and I speak in my capacity as Commander Korton. I bring news today of the changes that are taking place with our command and how it is affecting you on earth.


First I will tell you that within the galaxy there has been a great deal of activity. This is activity that is affecting not only the earth, but also the solar system in which earth rotates. The changes to the rest of the galaxy are not as profound as they are to this solar system, and that is the intent of the energies of The Creator at this time.


With all that is taking place on earth, we are seeing changes in the system that are in direct correlation to those earth activities. We are seeing that as the earth changes come about, such as the recent earthquakes and the hurricane, there is a decided shift with the other planets.


As the individual planets take on the energetic influences of each other, they respond to the pulls they have with one another. You may liken it to how a family living under the same roof responds to and interacts with each other. The effect is sometimes subtle and other times blaringly obvious.


This is what we are seeing in this system. As the earth undergoes these changes that are geared to the restoration of her balance in a way that is most beneficial to her, so are the other planets. As the surface changes mount, so too do the surfaces of the other planets adjust themselves to the influences.


For instance, as earth reflects her glow out into the system, she speaks a language that is understood by the rest of the planets (family). In so doing she makes herself clear as to not only what she is doing, but why. She is telling her family that she is in the throes of change, and that they must all rescind their individuality for a moment for the sake of the whole.


This results in a collective change in the system for the sake of the whole. Anytime there is a change in the family, you know there is a change in the individuals. One planet does not stand alone and change on that planet is not isolated from the rest.


Saturn, for instance is undergoing a change in her rings. She is finding that they are lightening and taking on a new glow. They are becoming less dense, or less deep in color. They are intermingling more with the particles of light, and as they do, they become lighter. That lightness speaks to the rest of Saturnís ecology and this brings a resonance within her being. This brings about a change in the surface of Saturn and as well within her innerness.


Some of the planets, such as Mars and Venus, are more directly affected because of their proximity to earth. Earthís influence is stronger for there is a closeness that affects them due to the energy that is projected from earth. These affects are bringing a speedier change to those two planets in that their surfaces are transforming and becoming more as they were trillions of years ago. There is a transformation back to their original purity taking place. This is turn is affecting the earth. There is a simultaneous influence that is taking place.


As the energies of change speed up on earth you are seeing the energies of darkness coming to the surface in a way that represents the quickening that has been often spoken of. This results in the mood swings and bodily upsets that many of you are experiencing. There is a change in the DNA of humanity that is causing irregularities in the physical and emotional bodies. This is also represented in the system changes of the galaxy.


As you go to sleep at night, you are undergoing a transmuting of these changes. Much of the work you do on these aspects of your beingness are accomplished in your sleep time, for that is when you are completely your true self, without the influences of the illusion. For those of you who sleep less at night, and may catnap at times throughout the day, those are the times of transformation for you.


The same is so of the system. Though it does not have the sleep pattern that you do, it does have a rhythm that coincides with your own. There are times when the planets are in a state of rest, and when they are in active resonance with the energies of change. This can be seen energetically as a wave of motion, followed by an abrupt change in the flow of particles to create the changes that are in intent.


Now you see examples of what you have been influencing, and what has been influencing you. You see how one part of the whole can coincide with the others and form the unity that creates. With this knowledge and our example of it, you also see how you can affect what takes place in your own personal lives, the life of humanity and all of earth life. Take this knowledge and go into your day armed with the knowing that you are as powerful as the next person, the next planet and the whole of Creation.


Know that in this knowledge lies the key to the creation to what the Creator intends along with what you intend, and creates the ultimate in Light and Love. Sit in this energy for a spell, and see where it takes you; see how it makes you feel, and see what inspiration comes from it.


I leave you now.  As I watch as you go about your dayís activities, it is most pleasurable and I am honored by all of you. Bless the love that emanates from you and know that it reaches the vastness of space and interacts with all of your cosmic family.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate