Wakeup Call Message
November  22, 2005


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You have asked me to give some news of encouragement to those of you who are at your wits end about NESARA. When is it going to happen and bring much needed relief to all of you? I say to you that it has already come. It is here in the hearts and minds of all of you who have been delivering its promise to the world.


Do you not see the truth beginning to come out to the world? Do you not remember how secretive even the tiniest part of the government process was? Do you not see that the ones who have been working to keep the truth from you are now banding against one another and pulling the rug out from under each otherís feet?


I AM Hatonn, and I tell you that progress is being done. Rome was not built in a day, goes the familiar phrase, and neither was it toppled in a day. This is the 3D world we are talking about, and in order for the 3D aspects of this world to topple it must be ordered in a matter of time. This time is much slower than in the 5D, and so we are seeing a painfully slow process that seems to be dragging and going nowhere.


Believe me my dear ones, the rate by which this is being accomplished is necessary, and this will bear out in the end. This is a process of unwinding the web that the illuminati enmeshed the world with. It is a matter of raveling all the threads in the proper manner and time so that there will not be any threads left behind to snag and disrupt the perfect execution of the process of justice.


Long ago a Master came to this planet and announced to the populous that he was going to announce the recovery of certain objects of antiquity. He did that with the authority that was afforded him by God. This was one of the processes that has been recently brought forth and executed by many of the beings on earth who have once again come to ravel the myriad of threads holding this illusion together.


That master of long ago told all who would listen that he too could be as God and multiply tenfold. He too could bind the ties of love and render them free. The people are now living that truth, and in the process they are taking back their power, and rendering themselves free degree by glorious degree. When the fullness of that freedom is felt and lived, then we will look back and declare the journey well done.


In the meantime, we are finding the journey a bit hard to bear. Why this snailís pace when we should be jumping as a rabbit? Why do we see the scales of justice not yet equal and balancing the life on earth? This is the wave of defeat that is being experienced at this time, and it was seen to have happened.


Yes, my dear ones, this is part of the process. This tiredness and despair of the lightworkers was seen to have been the last push to bring the darkness to its knees. This too has its place, and with the showing of the sighs and releases of the people, we will see a bright new glow emerge. It is called surrender, my dear ones. It is called a letting go of all that has come before. Let go of it having to be now. Let go of the need to see it in our lives Now. Be in the moment Now in peace and surrender. See this Now as it truly is and know that what you seek, the perfection of Now, is here with you in entirety.


NESARA is an acronym for life as you see it on earth, in the balance of truth and justice. It is also the abundance of the Creator. It is the love and the light of the All. It is the promise of heaven on earth. It is Now. See it as now and know that it is representing your perfection. See your lives as perfect in the scheme of things. Know that as the snail crawls along the ground it covers the completeness of its journey. Know that as the whirlwind speeds over the land it leaves behind the debris that litters the beauty.


In order to live in peace and harmony it is wise to know that your life is perfect right now. Look not to what might have been had all the messages come true right now. Look to what is right now and know that it is perfection. Trust in The Creator and trust that you can live in joy and peace for all is coming to fruition with the light for planet earth.


We love and adore all of you. We see you as perfection. Come to peace and know yourselves as truth.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate