Wakeup Call Message
November  23, 2005


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 Hi Everyone,


Here is the link to a wonderful GoGratitude wave that is sweeping the world. This wave is what inspired Avenda to this message this morning, for she sees in it the promise of all good things to come for planet earth.


Here is the link to the project.  Enjoy!     www.givemethemasterkey.com 






Wake up Call: Avenda Nov 23, 05


Good morning my dear ones, I AM with you today in a flurry of gratitude that is being generated over the Internet through the workings and inspiration of a dear angel who followed her heart and her gifts of promise and love for the world.


I AM Avenda once again, and I come to this day with a lightness in my heart for the things in which I have been thankful for. I add to that list and as it grows exponentially it warms the heart of all with whom I come into contact.


As this gratitude swells skyward, I think of the loving embrace of the brothers and sisters in my realm. You are all there in your surety as is this one who transmits through the keyboard the thoughts that are being generated from her place of love.


With these words there is a place being set up for her in the arms of God that will be found even sooner than she had previously thought. In this Godly embrace is the promise of all that she is looking forward to, and more that she has not as yet fathomed. Through the gratitude that is being expressed and felt there is a coming moment of supreme joy and love that will propel her into the next moment that will last for eternity.


This is how it is for all of you, my dear friends. This is how the apple falls not far from the tree, for it has chosen at this time to fall at your feet and be the promise that you call to yourselves. With this apple you will eat not of the forbidden fruit but of the gift that is given directly from God.


God is a dream that you all share with one another. God is a future that lives in love and light. God is a wonder to behold in all that you do. God is a bundle of energy that lifts you and carries you into the Promised Land. God is You, and God is Me. We are God and more.


As we enter into this holiday time, we do so with the reminder to be thankful for all we have and more. We are told by our souls to decorate our hearts with love and gratitude and allow it to spread forth into the world. We do so with the grandeur that bespeaks the love of God and of our fellow humans. We do so with the directness of God, and with the Spirit of love in every promise that is made and brought forth.


As we take a break this day from the world events that are flooding the airwaves and the Internet, we give thanks for all that we have that is allowing us to tune in to the news of the day. We are grateful for the sources of truth in reporting that is coming to us through the Internet, and we see it coming out in the regular news as well, bit by bit.


This is happening, my friends because people such you and I are allowing the truth its berth. We are calling for the truth of the world to reflect upon us in any way that benefits us. It is working, my dear ones, and as we see the evidence mount, we know that we are powerful. We have generated the energy in which this truth can come forward.


Now we go forth into this day and we find the strength to go on and celebrate our Thanksgiving. We know that with every turn in the road, there is another truth awaiting our acceptance. We know that as we go to sleep tonight, we will have found another revelation to celebrate. It need not be earthshaking, it can be a wondrous miracle of love in any shape or form, and it can be uttered as a warm tickle against the bosom of a mother as she holds her child in love.


As we go into this day, we do so with the love and courage that sends shivers down our spines upon the revelation of it coming true. That which we found to be possible bared itself in fact, and is adorning our reality right now. We have seen the miracles take place and we have gloried in their coming. We have new reason to be glad, and we celebrate with all of the world, for we are together bringing to reality that which is truth, and that, which is the product of our gratitude.


I go now into my day and I live the fruits of my gratitude. I wear my heart on my sleeve and as I push the sleeve up I hear the whisperings of love that resonate throughout my world. I hear the echoes of the love emitting from your sleeves and I know the language well. I know also that you too hear and know the message, for it is ours and it is sweet.


Go in love and thanksgiving, and wear the garment well for you have created it. You are God and so I AM, in gratis and in love.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate