Wakeup Call Message
November  21, 2005


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My dear ones, I AM happy to be back and coming to you in this day. I have had a respite and am now ready to go on and bring you the ideas of the new world as they relate to the reality that is presently playing itself out in our heads. This is the beginning of the good times and the times of plenty. This is indeed a time when all of our dreams are coming true, and our reality is one that will carry us into the rest of our lives with a fervor that rivals all that has come before.


I AM Avenda, and with the requests and suggestions that the feminine energies be heard from, I am at your service. We give homage this day to all the children who have come to this point with their ideas intact of how to live in this emotional world. We have come in as children and have in some cases gone out as children. What of this relay in life? What is it that happens as the days grow short and the lives that are lived are being asked to right themselves and make the world a better place in which to live?


We are asked to forgive our emotions and allow them to fly free and unencumbered, for without their wings there is a shadow that is keeping the light hidden that these children walked in with.


Have you seen the face of a child when she/he is inconsolable? What do you think brought this emotion to a life that came in shining? Was it the victimization that was in the minds of the old lifetime, or was it the idea that life in this 3D world must be lived in the shadows, ever striving to come fully into the light?


Now is the time to answer that question for those children who still walk in the shadows of their inadequacies. Now is the time to show those children the way to release the darkness from their lives and allow the original brilliance to shine forth and light up their world.


Enter number two. This is the child as he/she is growing up and becoming the person that is meant to carry on outside of the parentís home. This young person has the whole world ahead of them. Is it right for them to have to struggle through the unfoldment of the trials that they begat, or is it part of the cycle of maturity that is put in place for the learning?


Some would say that hardship molds character. Are you still seeing that; is that still the conditioning that brought you to this point in your development? Well, perhaps you want to re-examine this idea. Perhaps this idea could stand a revision. Bring the light of your origin into this equation and see how it looks. Do you think that hardship can stand against the light that is here now? Why not give yourself a break and release that hold on strife that has been steering you for so long?


This is a time for the mature, third stage to take hold, no matter how old you see yourself. This is the coming of age and the tiptoeing into enlightenment that will propel you into the new golden age. This is the time when all of the shadows of the childhood are relegated to the light and rendered beauty. This is the time when you can step out of the despairing thoughts and ideas and claim your right of original light to cleanse and restore the wonders of the Godself. This is the third era, and it is grand. Step out of the shadows and come with me into the light of truth, love and joy.


Now is the time for the unveiling of the innocence of the child. Now is the time to recapture the brilliance of the light with which the child moves through his/her day. No more will the child allow the suppression of yesterday to render him/her immobile. No more will the original light be quelled and rendered unknowing. This is the time for the opening of the stargates within the souls of the children of all ages, for within the innocence lies the secret to eternal life in joy, love and peace.


Come now my dear ones and play with me. Give me your hands and frolic through the days on a rainbow of light that leads the way to the pot of gold. Stir that pot and see the dust particles light everything in your path, for there is nothing that cannot be encouraged to light that is within the eye of God. We are all innocent in our Godliness and in that light we are invincible. Ride the waves of grandeur and play amount the stars for you are home there, and you are home right where you are.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate