Wakeup Call Message
November 15, 2004

Sananda Special Message Nov 15, 04

Due to the fact of today's resignations, there is coming a point of interest that will turn events around in the world, and will shower the financial world with oppression. I say shower for it will be as a raining down upon the world of the oppression in bits and pieces. It will seem as though there is a deluge of financial oppression and there will be much panic that will begin to ta keplace.Atthatpoint of panic there will come a ray of hope that will turn that panic around to relief and recovery. That ray of hope is one that has been long in coming, and when it comes forth it will be recognized by many as that which has been waited for. There is no telling at this moment when this will spring upon us. However be assured that the plans are already in action and what you are seeing today and will be seeing in the very near future is a result of the intervention that we are doing. When those of you who are feeling the frustration of not seeing the results of what we are doing, please realize that this has to be done in this way, and you will see results such as today's resignations and from this, dear ones, please take heart. Continue knowing that this is happening, and continue believing and having faith in yourselves for you are very strongly responsible for the energy with which this is being done. Take yourselves into a pleasant place and realize that your energy work is making a difference. Wi thout you we would not be able to do this, for we would not have your intent and free will permission.

I also would like to tell you all of a new experience that this one is having. She is going to be recalling the adventures of her youth in days and lifetimes gone by, and in this recollection will be the concensous of the times as they are now and how they relate to her work with the angels, and the present moves to disrupt the present administration. With the joining of certain ones, she will become an ambassador to ones who will be receiving messages as to their place in the plan as it moves in a certain direction. This is not something that she has been aware of in this consciousness till this moment, and now that she is aware, there will be an increase in the work that she will do in this area. There will be more to tell in the coming weeks. Till then, we leave you with this message and wish for you to rest assured that there is no harm that will come to any of you, only good and lasting fortune and blessings galore.

Well, I didn't expect the second part of this message. Anyway, here it is.