Wakeup Call Message
November 10, 2004


 St Germain 


          My dear ones, there is something that I would like to make more clear, and that is the message of two days ago. Within that message was a note of information that spoke of the passing into another realm of an esteemed leader of the world. I, St Germain, and I AM here to tell you now of how this is seen from our side of the veil.

          When someone dies, as you know it, the soul and spirit leaves the body to return home to the world from whence it came. In doing so there is a decision made as to whether or not this is to be a permanent move from the body. Also, there are other decisions that are entered into that will determine the next course of the soulís life on this side.

          What to a great extent determines this course is what the soul had accomplished while on earth. If there is a completion of the purpose the soul came to earth to accomplish, then the decision would be to go on and experience the next phase of that soulís development.

          If however, the soul has shortened itís stay on earth by deciding to vacate the body, it is because there has been a realization that there is no longer a possibility of accomplishing that which it arrived on earth to do, or that there has been a change in the activities and evolvement of the planet and her people, and that the original purpose of that soul no longer is relevant to the whole.

          In this case, the latter is so. Part of what has been realized is that in order for his soul to be able to ride the waves of change and adapt the life purpose to the events of the time, there must be a redirecting of the purpose. In this rides the current status of the body in which the soul in question expressed in this lifetime.

          Due to the nature of this soulís expression on earth, he is seen by many as an example of the totality of the message of peace on earth. His body lies now in a state of suspended animation, and because of that he is accomplishing this particular stage of his new-found purpose. With this purpose, he has realized the enormity of the progression from how the world was when he first came in to the earthplane in this body. His decision has been made based on the changes that are taking place on earth, and with the energy of the earth and her surrounding atmosphere at this time.

          When he first left his body to arrive in the arms of the angels, he received a message from his own innate knowingness. No longer limited by his earthly demeanor, he was then able to see how his purpose was no longer pertinent to his cause, and so he set his intent to change that purpose to suit the new energy on earth. He recognized the rapid increase of the lightworkers and how they were gathering together in a band of light that had tremendous influence on the activities on earth, and the outcome of those activities.

          He was able to see that with this acceleration there was need for his position to accelerate as well and so decided to take what knowledge that was held in his Divine Mind, and allow the release of it to the masses. This he could see would add to the acceleration and release certain aspects of what the lightworkers intent was stimulating, and allow for the awakening of these aspects to the innate knowledge that they were striving to bring out.

          Now, my dear ones, you have an example of what is taking place with many of the souls who are passing over to the other side. You are seeing that due to the changes in the energy field of earth, this is a necessary part of the proceedings to the ascension of the planet and her people. You also may see why there is the mystery taking place around this Arab leaderís state of health and the resulting activities surrounding this. As his body lies in a coma, and his family and associates battle over the state of his being, he is sitting with the Masters and the angels, and he is devising the next move for his newly inspired work for Spirit and all of humanity.

          When you observe this activity taking place in that part of the world, you may ask yourself, ďWhat is it that I can do, or feel to add to this great soulís Divine Purpose.Ē Then listen to your heart as your innate beingness hears the response from this soul who hears your question, and know that he loves you all very much. Know that he hears and sees what you are experiencing, and know that he hears the call from all who toil and sorrow in the part of the word where he walked in his purpose, and laid down his life and his love.

And know that now he is resting with his new found inspiration, and he is loving the life that he sees coming from all that is taking place on earth right now and in the near future. He sees the path that is being trod right this moment, and he sees that the end of the suffering is very close by.

          I leave now, and send you a bouquet of beautiful pink roses interspersed with lily of the valley blooms of lightest white. This is the color he emits when he looks upon the people and the land he loves. Blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate