Wakeup Call Message
November 04, 2004


 St. Germain 


          There is a great deal of pleasure in my coming to you this day. With the result of the elections in the US, there has been a turnaround of the energy of change, and it has turned around for the better. With this new arrangement, there will be a certain amount of energy expended that will carry through to the end of this year and bring with it a certain amount of change that will be carried on gossamer wings and clouds of delight.

          Good day, and I AM St. Germain, and I wish to let you in on a little secret that isnít really a secret at all except to those who choose to close their eyes and their minds to the truth of it.

          There is coming in this next few days a different kind of energy than what you have all been experiencing in the past few months. With this energy comes the onslaught of a new way of looking at life in this country. This will then incorporate itself with the rest of the world, and with that incorporation will come a division that will coincide with the division of light and dark.

          Please allow me to explain that, for I hear you all saying, but you have been telling us that there is no division in anything, that all is one. What are you telling us now?

          I am saying that this division I speak of now is the one that is perceived in the hearts and minds of all of you. This division is one of the mind and therefore creates the world in which you live. Take for instance the mellow-drama that is extended into the lives of so many. How would this be related to the events of the past few days if there was no idea of division? Would there be any basis on which to regard this as being whole?

          I say not, and Iím sure that you do as well. My point is that in these last few days you have seen demonstrated the ability of all of you to regard something as one thing, and then see the results as being something altogether different. This would to some be considered a dichotomy, and to others a puzzle not worthy of consideration. All would be truthful.

          Take for instance the incidence of betrayal so many have felt with the truth of the elections as they come to the surface. This is going to be a matter that will be dealt with, with a number of reactions. One will be to want to declare that an impeachment process be undertaken right away. Still others will want to throw them in jail. Some will find their only recourse will be to be moved to angry and frustrated tears. Some will be left in disbelief, for they believed in the candidate who came through on top.

          My dear ones, there is room only for one truth, and that is the truth that is felt and experienced by the one. This is the truth, and within that truth lie the facets of which I have just been involved with in this communication. I am saying that all that you experience is a part of the whole, and not to be disregarded. There is only one truth and that is what is in the hearts and minds of all of you. Hold these truths to be self-evident, and take the lead that it is giving you and find your path.

There is only one more point I wish to make on this day, and it is that you have had your voice, and that voice in some cases has been diverted into another. This is one of the results of the irony of the situation. When one or more speaks in a forum that regards the whole, there are going to be echoes that will be mislabeled and taken for another voice. This is the way it has been, and I am not saying that it is all because of a misinterpretation. It is also because of the misrepresentation of the same truth that is stored and divested in the lives and hearts of the whole.

Take your selves into this day and know that in your own echoes lies the truth of what you spoke the other day. That is the part that rings clear and true, and cannot be diverted from your own knowing. This is very important for you to remember, for you are the authority, and your voice was heard loud and clear and is forever etched in the mind and heart of the universe.

          Go now into a joyous day and know that your voice has been heard and is being represented in the Holiest way possible, for it has been heard by Spirit.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate