Wakeup Call Message
November 11, 2004


Hi Everyone,

       I have come to another time in my life when I am on the move. This time I am moving into a new home on wheels, a fifth wheel being towed around by a truck. From this point on this will be my home and the place from which I generate my work/play for Spirit.

          Because of this, the Wake up Calls may be a bit sporadic for a while till I get settled and on a somewhat even keel again. I will be thinking of all of you, and will communicate with you as much as I can. I so enjoy doing this work.

          Till you hear from me again, please be aware that I love you all, and I keep you in my heart and my thoughts. I do include also here a little of what I feel St Germain was saying in yesterday’s Wake up Call; this is in response to a question posed to me from a reader.  



…”he is seen by many as an example of the totality of the message of peace on earth. "

Actually St Germain's wording was that many see him in that way. As I understand it, he was well loved by many of his people, and maybe others who supported what he was doing. I feel that SG was making a point for us all to look further than the 3D world that is right in front of us and see the energy behind the actions.


We could continue to see the actions of Bush and all of that party as being just plain outright criminal at the least, or we could see the opportunity for the people to see the larger purpose of their actions. Just so, we could do the same with Arafat. Also, to your question about why not mention his name; perhaps SG is giving people a chance to think for themselves and exercise their own ability for using their inherent discernment and knowledge.

Messages like this one make people think and question. They give them something to stop and say, wait a minute. It gives them inspiration to take their own intuitive responses and look at all that is brought their way. It allows them the idea that they can be leaders of their own lives and make decisions for that life in a way that benefits them the most. Isn't that what this new way of being is all about?


Where is the love in regarding someone like Arafat as being less than peaceful, when that is the light in which some see him? Why is it so important to be right in one’s estimation, rather than seeing someone in the light of love and refusing to back down from that? Love is the only thing that makes sense, and to give energy to anything less is to make less sense of oneself.