Wakeup Call Message
November 05, 2004




          This morning I awoke in a daze and I asked myself, where am I and what am I doing here. The answer was fast and resolute. You are in that place that you go to when you go out of your body and rise to the stars. You are in that place that holds many wonders for you, for it is a place of magic and dreams come true.

So I said to myself, well how did I get here, and is there a part of me still there? The answer came in a flood and it resounded through my head like quicksilver. You are always in this place and that one too. It is just that you do not remember when you’re in that place that you are here as well.

That really caught my attention, and so I sat up in my bed and looked around. This time I did not find the room to be familiar, but one of old things that I have discarded. I found an old lover or two, and a broken old shoe. I found a lock of hair that I remember from years gone by. I saw a shovel with which I had dredged out the old memories that had gotten stuck and compacted from overuse. I found that I did not want to look at these old things because I had just recently gotten past them and had no more use for them.

Then I heard a voice whisper off to my left. It said if you look at those things and love them and thank them for their service they will turn to gold and you will be able to pick them up and use them for your new service.

          I did as I was told, for I knew that voice to be true. I sat in my love and emitted it out to those old memories. I made sure that I swept the room and gave full attention to each and everyone of them. You know what happened after that? I began to feel warm and happy. I realized that all those things held not only the sad memories, but the glad ones as well.

I found myself laughing and feeling such joy for the memories for they were such dear friends. I found that I was not spending much time in sorrow even from the parts of these memories that had brought me sorrow before, when I first made them. I found that even though I had discarded them, I had tenderly stored them away for the future when they would serve me again.

And then I realized that this was the again time when I would bring them back and love them into what they really were, how they had been born. They were really expressions of love, and who cannot love something like that? So you see now all I had to do was love them as I had when they were born.

          So I did. I sat on my bed and I loved them all. As I did, I watched them all turn into the finest gold dust. They all turned one by one into a stream of ribbons of gold and silver. They washed at my feet and hinted at my arms for their fulfillment. I reached down and I embraced them to my chest, and they caressed my fingers and my heart with their joy.

          Then the tears came. They came and they washed over all of the residue and cleaned it all up so fine and pure. I loved the way I felt and I loved the way all of that gold and silver fit me so well. I realized I had taylor-made it just for me, and in so doing I could do anything I wanted with it.

So I rose out of bed and I went out into the rest of the house. I looked around and I saw my loving man, and he smiled so sweet. I held out my hand to him, and it was full of the treasure I brought from the room. He smiled more and held me so tight, for he too had gold and silver all over him.

From that house we went out into the neighborhood out into the streets and far and wide over the land. We went here and we went there, and all the while we were leaving some of our bounty behind. We found that when we did we left behind memories of gold and silver, and a shining presence that lifted everyone up to their own shining light. We loved them all and kept ourselves pure for the coming.

We took ourselves out and we found that in every corner of the land there was another example of who we are. We found that one by one all of the people were decorating themselves with silver and gold. We found that they all were casting aside old memories and then loving those same memories to gold and silver.

It was a wonderful dream, and now I realize that it wasn’t a dream, it was the real thing. Now I have seen that we all are bringing our dreamtime into our waking and no more will we bring the haze of the morning over our eyes as we wake to the dawn of a whole new age. We are here in our dream and it is our life forevermore.



Thank you dear Me,

Love, Nancy Tate