Wakeup Call Message
November 01, 2004


Election Update: Commander Hatonn Nov 02, 04


Nancy: Commander Hatonn, many people are wondering why Pr. Bush won, why Kerry conceded the election. Please tell us what you can about this.


My dear ones, this is a time when many facts are about to come to light. Things are not always as they seem. When the truth of the situation comes out there will be a revelation that will sing round the world and lay open all the old wounds and clear away all the garbage that has been causing this festering wound in all of mankind.


This is not time to give up hope for there is much that is going to come forward. Hold the light for the truth, and know that there is so much more that you can do to see beyond what this seems to be. You are the bringers of the dawn of the new tomorrow, and with the torch that you all carry, you will give certain ones the courage to step forward and bring their new dawn into the light of day.


N: Did Pr. Bush actually win the election fair and square?


There has not been a fair and square election for many years and there still hasnít been. We were able to stop some of the shenanigans, so that should give you an indication of the wide-sweeping berths they had into all of the voting system.


Please be aware that at the end of the go round the free will of the people will be more than satisfied. If we had allowed this to go on as it was progressing it would have meant the end of earth and her people. You do not realize the seriousness of what has been averted. We are not going to, nor have we allowed this planet to be destroyed, for it is too important a part of this whole galaxy and universe. If it were not we would have removed you all to other planets and allowed them their go at it.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate