Wakeup Call Message
November 01, 2004

Wake up Call: Hatonn

          My dear ones, this is a day that precedes an important day in the history of the United States, and the world. It is important because it marks the end of a system that heralds the anarchy that has reigned for so long on planet earth.

          Though the results of the upcoming day may not be to many people’s liking, it will be a pivotal day in changing the present way of governance on this planet.

          There are many of us in place all over the planet who are interested in interceding in the coming activities, and who will find the opportunity to assure that the proceedings go as is planned, planned by the people. We have been shown by a majority of people how they want this to turn out, and we will see that there is no interjection of a lesser degree of forthrightness than is already in place.

          My dear ones, I am Hatonn, and I come to you this day with a message of intervention, for there has been a degree of intercession in the proceedings that are to take place in the activities tomorrow. We are aware of certain measures that are in place to mastermind the efforts of the ones who would seek to disparage the intended outcome of tomorrow’s election. We have taken steps to assure that there is no unexpected result from these activities.

          We took a poll of all of you in the US, who are in communication with us on an interstellar basis, and we have been told that under no terms must there be any coercion in this election. You the people have communicated to us that you are prepared to be honestly represented, and that there is no room for any of the efforts of certain parties to turn the results into a misrepresented affair.

          Now my dear ones, I am going to share with you one last thing. That is that there will be no amount of overage of votes that are cast for any of the candidates, for there are systems in place that will override any steps that certain ones take to change the voice of the people. There are certain procedures that are in place to assure that the result will stand as cast.

          My dear ones, we are seeing that there will surely be some surprises in these next few days. You will find that the voice of the people will take on a whole new meaning, and will be drowned out by no one. This will bring out certain individuals who will also give voice to certain information that could very well rock the world of the political arena on this planet. This will come in the wake of certain pieces of information that will contain the triggers for the indignities that will surface. All of this is in potential for the next few days, and with the setting of certain energies of truth, they can all come into being.

          My dear ones, I come to the end of my report to you this day, and I add that with my coming at this time, there is indication that others are in place and are taking their opportunities to assure that all is well and in perfect order. I hold my place here in reporting to you, and in the event there is something new to bring to you, this one stands at the ready to bring it forth.

          I salute you, and welcome the sight of your golden glow.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate