Wakeup Call Message
November 02, 2004




          My dear ones, I AM Avenda, and I wish to say that you are experiencing a time of letting go of the future that you had projected was in your life. This is an issue that bears review and the time to assess what it is that you really want for your life. It is a time when there is only one outcome that you have called to you, and that is one that will suit you in more ways than one. There is only one conclusion that you can come to, and that is that there are no wrong decisions and no right ones, only the ones that you make along the way.

          Finding the one that suits you at the time is the only way to lead yourself through this life, and if you are thinking that this decision is not right for you in the long run, then examine what it is that you are doing at the time, and make a re-assessment.

          You may be experiencing the residue of old thoughts of what is perfect for you. Consider that there is only one way to go now, and that is the way of the lion. This is the best that you can do, and it is the only way that makes sense, is it not? When you find yourself in a situation that brings you to the auspices of the life that you choose, what do you do? Do you base it on what you had thought before, or do you base it on what you think right now?

          I encourage you to allow these feelings to run their course and recognize them to be just what they are, old feelings of the past that are moving on out to free you for a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the future times. You have much to do with your life, and the only part your past has in it is to light the way for the newness of today and tomorrow.

          To recognize the differences is to be able to live in the moment and realize the difference. There are too many feelings hanging around that are taken as being relevant to the moment, and when that is not recognized then there is more stuff to go through, and possible opportunities missed.

          Realize also that the missed moments come round for observation and re-assessment again. This time you can see them for what they are and welcome them into your life, or not. You can recognize the very thing that you set in place, or you can see the thing that is not to your liking anymore. This is the beauty of the moment and your freedom to honor the moment.

          When you are giving it your all, then you are honoring the moment and all it holds for you. There is no other way to live in this new way than to honor the moment, and allow it to steer you in a direction that brings it around to being your own decision and the one that made sense at the moment. This way, your judgment of the moment is gone, and all is perfect.

          So take yourself to the day and see how perfectly it unfolds. Realize that there is only the one moment that is responsible for the decisions made in that moment. There is no room for mistakes in that moment, and when you assess that fact, then you are left with the realization that you are perfection.

          Where in that fact is there room for sorrow, or malaise? Only in the passing through of the old stuff that is moving on out, because the bright light of truth is moving in and shining forth. This is your new day, and it is the secret for success, which is not a secret only to those who do not see its freedom.

          So when you feel yourself in a feeling that is unexpected and troublesome, realize that it is most likely a feeling that is being transmuted to love and that you have called it forth to be loved into a truth that sings. Realize that you in your absolute perfection have seen the truth of what is lurking behind to be transmuted, and you have exercised your authority to freedom.

          You are the master of your ship, and when you use that ship to sail through life in joy and freedom of movement, there is no greater joy and expression of freedom. Take the mast and point it toward the stars, for that is your home and that is your neighborhood to shine. Forward ho and feel the wind in your hair, whispering itís love for you.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate