Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 25, 2003



            When you wake up in the morning, and you sip a cup of tea,

And the Lord cries loudly, will you just come on home to me?

Then you pick up your belongings and you walk out of the door,

And you go on up to heaven and you know forevermore

That the door to love is open and the mighty shall return

To the bosom of the creator and the life will take a turn.

For the love is in the heart now and the tears are streaming forth;

For the message is to love now and to go and search no more.

For the angels of the heavens have come round to see you through

And the touch of gladness enters and the love is me and you.

So go now into your new day and give the world your glee,

For there is a promise coming and it is for you and me.


I once was in a chamber where there were many people coming and going, and the air was filled with the anticipation of a new time that would come through these proceedings. The people left their baggage at the door and came to the proceedings with the purity of the intent of the subject of the meeting. They gathered and they entertained the masters who came to the proceedings.

There was a hush as I spoke and gave my ideas of how this was to come about and serve the people of the world.  I then gave the floor over to the ones who presided over the court. And the then one of the elders gave an accounting of the life that went on in the part of the inner earth that was his home and had been for over six hundred years. He had much to say about the generalities that had been spoken thus far in the chamber, and then he presented the scenario that gave the light of the day a whole new meaning.

 He told everyone that in his six hundred years within the earth he had seen the likes of many ones who lived on the surface come to the inner chambers and give their lives to the cause, which is being presented at this time. He told us that there were many of these ones who dedicated their lives to bring this to our doorstep; and that they see that this is the reckoning of the humanity that is living on the surface, and that they are all in accord with the procedure that is to bring this into alignment very soon.

He said that it was foretold that there would be great dissention among the powers of the world, and the people, and that there would be a great coming together of these ones before the grand awakening takes place. So my dear ones, what I say to you this day is that there will be a great reawakening upon the compassionate embrace of “Thine enemies” before the abundance can be released and the golden age of love and prosperity will reign.

Release the animosity from your hearts, Release the fear that creeps in and finds its home in the shadows. Shine your light on all that is in place and hiding its own light. This is the release that brings the Phoenix up out of the ashes and allows the freedom of flight.

My dear ones, I, St. Germain and Archangel Michael join Sananda Kumara at the gates to heaven and welcome you to the portals of the Garden of Eden, for you are finding it in your hearts and souls to welcome these most grand of participants into the halls of love and compassion, and you are ready to see the light as it shines on the wonders that are coming to your door. Enter now and view the grand procession as it streams to the gates to join you in your song.

Blessings are upon you. Salu!


Thank you dear master St. Germain and all of Heaven,

Nancy Tate