Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 24, 2003



            My good ones, I AM going to bring you a tale of the times that are to come. I will tell you what your world may look like in the near future. This is a projection of the coming days and weeks, for to go too far into the future is to go into to blackness of the unknown and will not prove to be very interesting to you. I am St. Germain, and I Am with you for the sake of identifying the spots of trouble that you may see are to be in your life. This can be a reversal of the energetic occurrences that are set up, and the allowance of the occurrences as are brought forward by all of you.

            Starting today, you may find a great deal of action within the political structure of the USA. This will be in the nature of the coming elections and the associations with the campaign funds and the ways in which they are funded. This will be a tremendously revealing opportunity for the people of the country to know their candidates in a way that they have not as yet seen them. Then this will spread wide over the globe and stretch out to the political leaders of the various countries, for there could be some involvement that will come to light concerning some of those leaders.

            Another thing that you may see is that there may be an increase in the numbers of journalists who will be revealing the insiderís truths about the UFO activity around the globe. This will send shivers up some peopleís spines and cause rejoicing in otherís lives. This could bring another degree of the hidden truths of how the governments around the world are keeping certain facts from the people.

            There are a number of coincidences that may come forward in the next few weeks where the people will begin to question the validity of what their leaders, especially the ones in the USA are telling them. This would cause an uprising that would reverberate around the world and bring a few well-chosen remarks to the front for exposure. There may be a trial that will be in progress that will be dismissed for lack of evidence and coercion of stateís time.

            The food industry may undergo a scrutiny by the public in the form of testing the vegetables and fruits that are sold in the USA, and the consumers may boycott certain distributors. There may be a scandal in the works when certain established food chains are exposed for their practices.

            In the world of finance there may be an establishment of several major banks that will completely rescind the former practices and reveal a whole new way of banking that will include more representation by the people. This would be a revolutionary new way to co-operate with the banking systems that will bring the methods back into the harmony that is desired and necessary for the coming new world.

            With the world of commerce, you may see that the major businesses will be more customer-friendly, in that they will more closely represent the needs and intentions of the customers, and they will offer them a voice in the operation of the places of business.

            These are some of the projected ways in which you could all see the effects certain operations will undergo in this world after certain events take place. Within all these pictures lies a great deal of truth, for here is shown the trouble spots that are undergoing change as we speak. There is a great deal of validity to the energetic proposals that are laid before you here, and when these changes take place, it will be as an unfolding of a truth that will multiply with the momentum that comes as a snowball rolling downhill. This is however, a controlled rolling. It is governed by itís own energy of momentum, and this is one of the Divine unfoldment of things. As certain events are put into place, there is a chain-reaction that takes place, and all falls into line and is seen for what it truly is.

            So, my friends, as the next days reveal the light of morning, and the world spins on its axis, you may find that the world you have known will suddenly and rapidly take on a different air. You may find that as you exercise your power as lightworkers the projections that you see for your world will amplify, and become more in line with the Divinity that is living within each person on the planet. You may find that there are no more wars and talk of war. You may find that the prayers and meditations re coming to bear instant fruit, and the coming of heaven on earth is at your doorstep.

            I leave you this day with these possibilities to ponder, and to know that there is every possibility that you have already created heaven on earth, and it is settling into place with every passing moment.

            Blessings to you; have a grand day!


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate