Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 20, 2003



            My dear ones, there is a matter I would like to attend to this day. When you all gather in front of your computers today, there is a matter that will come to the front and take a considerable amount of your attention. With this information, I ask that you come to a place in your hearts where you see the fullness of what is happening. When this item is open and there for the whole world to see, there will be a challenge for the people of this country, the USA, to deal with, and it will be one that I know you are all up to doing with a great deal of dignity and compassion.

            I AM St. Germain, and I ask that you bring with you into this day a great deal of compassion, for it will not only assist you in getting through the next few days, but it will reach out to others as well, and assist them to grab onto an energy that will help to carry them on a higher level through the coming time.

            I AM going to tell you that even though I have seen this incident already happen, there is still some chance that it will not occur as has been energy set up to occur. There is a great deal that you are and will continue to learn about energy and itís qualities of flux and changeability. When we look into the immediate future we see situations as they would occur, provided events go along in the present moment. When these sets of circumstances change and take an abrupt right turn, that is out of the usual, then the future as we have seen it can change and take on a different picture. This may occur in this case, for the potential is always there for this.

            However, in case what we have seen in your immediate future does take place, the people will benefit from what I have asked of you. I choose not to tell you of this in detail, for that would not be appropriate. It is within the realm of rightness to ask this now. I will tell you this; that there is a great deal of activity that has been taking place across the waters, and this activity is responsible for the forward moving of the announcement that we have been building towards.  Sometimes the pace at which this has moved has been slowed down to a crawl, for that is what is required. This is a measure of safety for all concerned. Sometimes things are beyond our jurisdiction, and then the events have influence on the activities and their outcome.

             My dear ones, you have waited long and diligently, and we commend you for your work in this presentation of the freedom that is promised here. We wish to say that there is no brighter example of the Divine in action than what all of you on the various teams and lists are doing. You are showing your strength in the various ways and representing the inter-dimensionality of NESARA in ways that are not only beautiful, but enlightening as well. We appreciate and are sometimes awed by the beauty in which you stride forward in your own interpretation of the work that is to be done to move this to announcement. It is ALL in order, and we give homage to the tidiness with which you ALL are contributing.

            We suggest that you in these next few days give this the same kind of attention and focus that you have been doing. Reach into the depths of your beingness and bring out the finest that you are. That will be the best that you can do for yourselves and the world.

            We give you the light of promise and see you shine it around the world, for you are Holy and you are powerful. Blessings to you!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate