Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 19, 2003



            My dear ones,

I AM St. Germain,

And I walk with you in sunshine

And I walk with you in rain.

 I walk with you in troubles

And I walk with you in pain.

I cease the worried turmoil

As I turn the other cheek.

And I cease the longing inward

As you go into your week.

There is no more a turning

Into the state of Grace

For always you are there now

And bear the fairest face.

I see you full and plenty,

I see the twist of fate.

As there is time for loving

And turning away of hate.

This is a joyful story

That comes upon your door,

So laugh and know the sorrow

Is coming here no more.


My dears,

Have you ever chased a rainbow

To find the pot of gold,

Then found that it is in you 

            Since long ago of old?

Then I bestow the oneness

That comes to you this day,

And know that soon there will be

A stand of gold that may

Take homage to the beauty

That comes round to behold

The wonder that beguiles you

And takes a gentle hold.

For there is now a shining

A wondrous glimmer yet;

And when that comes a bidding

You’ll know you’ve e’r once met.

This is a coming time dears

When there will be a song

That sings the tale of wonder,

And all will sing along.

So go my dears to your day

And shine your light within.

And I will come a calling

And join you all to win

The game of choice and blessings

That come to all who wait,

And see the ship of brilliance

And take the Holy Bait.

For there is promise in this;

And there is Holy mete

For when it comes to your door

You’ll all see the firmament.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate