Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 17, 2003



            You are all my wonderful brothers and sisters, and you are all the bright angels that log on to a cause and call the members of heaven to your side and at your feet to listen to the tales of woe and happiness that you speak. I love the way that you bring the nuances of heaven and hell to your doorstep, and then separate the wheat from the chaff and allow the remaining glory to fill you up with the sustenance that is pure light.

            This is a game of chance and recognition of the vagaries of the mind. Within this game of choice and evolvement lies the truth of what you perceive and allow into your lives. This is a time for the ownership of memories to come and claim its home and reveal that, which has been chosen to be one’s truth. This is why I come to you in this way this day, and identify myself to you as yourselves and I in Me. I am St. Germain, and I AM here to welcome you to the historical facts that you present to yourselves and to the world.

            Once upon a time I spent lives walking this earth and caring for the people who set themselves up as examples of what can happen when one takes a chance and steps out on a limb in their proceedings to other people. This can be a rocky road at best, and to continue in the vein that is well worn and deeply furrowed into the earth is to know that there is only one course to take. Sometimes this keeps one stuck in a course that has outlived its time, and the adventures of the mind become stagnant.

            I would say that this is not the case in this instance. This is a time when there is far more at stake here than just carrying the load for the rest of humanity. It is a time for the lines in the sand to be many and varied, all leading to the same outlook and purpose. This is the vein in which I present myself and the instances of evolvement are supporting that stand.

            When this is all said and done, and the smoke clears we will ALL stand at the alter of Grace, and the walls will be in shatters at our feet. There will be peace in the valley, and the shadow of death will be suffused in light. We will all join hands and bring this cortege of angels to the table of Thanksgiving, and all will sup on the brother and sisterhood of everlasting love and peace in the joyfulness that lasts forever.

            Now I say that this part of my story is a history lesson, and that the desks that you sit at right now are in the present, and that you are learning and teaching at the same time, the accountings that brought you to this beautiful world in which you live right now. You are this moment living your future, and that future is living the benefits of the law called NESARA. This law was brought into manifestation through lessons as the one just outlined in the history lesson before. This is the time in which you are living the laws of love and compassion, and the lessons are well learned.

            You are my family, and I love you all for the totality that you bring to this life. You are the bringers of the dawn, and you are the sowers and the reapers of your deeds born in love and lived in the newness of each moment. I rejoice beyond before, and give to you the picture of yourselves and the mastery of the angels that you are. Walk in peace and see the divinity that shines forth from each and every one of you.

            Blessed are the angels and blessed is life.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate