Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 21, 2003



            Tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing, for all of the eggs are in the basket, and the hens are in their coop. This is an auspicious day, and when the sun comes up in the morning, there will be a plow in the fields and all of the grains will be scattered to the winds.

            Good morning! I AM St. Germain and I come to tell you that yesterday’s experiment in the solidarity of all of you beautiful lightworkers came through with glorious flying colors. There was a stream of light so brilliant, so wonderful that all of the entourage of angels looking over the processions took aim and traveled directly into the rainbow and were able to direct the energies that permeated their beingness and prevent a total wash out of the expected event that did NOT take place. They did that my friends with the total assistance from you and from the others who had received the call. This was an experience of divine nature that proved that you are all in a position to take the reigns in a particular piece of jurisdiction that is coming to you tomorrow.

            This of which I speak is not the piece that you are expecting, not yet. This is a piece of jurisdiction that prepares you for the coming announcement. Within this piece, which is taking place on the etheric level, you will find a great strengthening and bonding of all of you to the One energy of love and compassion for the coming events that will take place and transform this planet to a peaceful love-based planet that will shine forth it’s radiance for all the universe to see.

            My friends, you will be taking part tomorrow in a definite response to the celestial angels to participate in a renewal of the wonders of the embodiment of the radiant beings from the heavenly host of ascension. This will bring you all to the place of destiny that is springing forth in expression even now. When this takes place, there will be a ringing throughout Heaven, and the angels will sing their heavenly chorus, and you will be invited to sing along.

            So go to your quiet places tomorrow, my friends, and find the place where you can recognize the sound of your own voices in chorus with the angels. This is your calling to yourselves to go and meet with the Archangels and take your place with them and the Masters for the initiation back into your celestial coding. This will bring you to a place where you will be able to manifest all that you desire, and you will find that the going is much easier than it has been before.

            Now I bring you a special message form a beautiful Archangel; I give you Archangel Michael:

            My friends, I AM Michael, and I wish to inform you that there are a number of angles awaiting your call, and I am going to lead them in chorus until the sheep come home and the horses with their heavenly wings are in their chorale and supping on their golden grains. This will be the signal to allow the hosts of angels to release the fold of All That Is to the heavens and to bring the songs of thanksgiving to the Creator in the glory that is man. This is your finest hour, and you have never before come this far from this degree of stray. We welcome you to this coming and we sing your praises to the heavens and beyond.

            We leave this transmission now with the invitation to find that time that is right for you to come and join us tomorrow and hear your own voice calling your sweet song of destiny. We weep at your feet, and we join Kryon in the swishing of the bowls of tears that we collect to anoint you to our coming.

            Blessings to All. And so it is!


Thank you dear master St. Germain, Archangel Michael, and Kryon,

Nancy Tate