Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 28, 2003



            My dear ones, I come to you this morning with a song to sing when you go out into your towns today. This is a song of peace and joy for the coming times and the nuances of love that are everywhere. This is a joyous time, and the emphasis will be on giving and receiving in the coming weeks. This is a time to remind everyone that it is a joyous thing to give and to recollect all the wonder that that gave you in your childhood, and to also remember how joyous it was to receive. This is a two-way miracle that we are living, and everything in this life is the result of one giving and another receiving. There are no differences in the bearer or the receiver, for it is all the same.

            I AM Sananda, and I come to you on the wings of the most thankful holiday of all. I come now on the promise of a holiday that bespeaks the gifts of the Lord and the gifts of all there is. When the gifts were brought to the Christ Child, they were brought to pay homage to the new energy of love and enlightenment. They were brought as symbols from those wise men and common folk to represent that we are all equal in Godís eyes, and that there are no differences in man.

            When I came into this world, it was with the knowing that I was one of the new ones of mankind. I knew that this was a blessing for all to see and hear about. This was not a random event, my friends, but a well thought plan to bring humanity to a new understanding of their origins. This was a significant event that carried with it the promise of the elders and the message they brought to mankind. This also had the potential to be used by the other energies that supported the fear on this planet. This was to be the duality in action, and a means by which mankind could learn of his innermost being, and thus shed the shadows that covered their light.

            Now we have another event that is destined for such deliverance. Do you see the correlation between the two? What about NESARA and the story of the nativity do you see as being the same? Do you see that there is no difference in the energy of giving and receiving? Take a message from this, my dear ones, and see what this coming season is all about.

            I AM in the straits of loving the world as it is right now, for to love is to bring the energy to the sameness. This is the only way to bring the love to the front of all there is on planet earth. To love everything and everyone in that oneness that represents the way that the Creator loves. That is the Way. We are all the same, and in our oneness lies the opportunity for diversity. We have the gift of giving and receiving in our own individual ways. That is The Way. We love and we give and receive, and the world is a better place for it. We go on into our days with the Grace of compassion, and we show the world their loving face in ours.

            We need not find a thing that is different than us, for in that difference we forget who we are, and who they are as well. We see their light as ours shines forth to them. We are the light that shines forth and meets with all the light there is.

            There is one more thing that sings to me today, and that is that there is only one way to serve the Creator, and that is to love and be loved. There is no greater power than that which is natural and Divine. Show yourself in the mirror as you are seen by the ones who hold the mirror to you. This is your finest hour, and it is the best you have. Share it with the world, and you share it with yourself.

            Give yourselves a gift this day of sharing your light and your gifts with others. That is The Way to the miracles. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. The meek are not weak, my friends, but full of love and gentleness, and the strength of knowing that they are no different from anyone else deep within.

            This is my song that I share with you. I hear the chorus of angels, and I rejoice at the sound, for it is You!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate