Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 14, 2003



            I give you a degree of watchfulness. I give you a wonderful taste of honey. I give you a reason to be in perfect health and co-operation with your Divinity. I give you yourselves and the light that shines forth from all of you. This is the sanctity of all that is and all there ever will be. This is Sananda, and I give you my life to live as yours.

            My friends, there is a great deal of activity that is taking place within the halls of justice. In this place there is a masterful charge of activity that comes in the discharging of the mighty one’s swords of truth and justice. This is a coming together of the forces of light, and the promise of tomorrow. There has never been not will there be again, an assembly within these great halls that bespeaks the items that are coming to bear at this time.

            When St. Germaine and I walked into the rooms of the justices and declared that there is a discovery that bears mention at the time, they all came to their feet and applauded our return. They have given us the utmost respect and attention in the carrying forth of our work with them, and they are in awe of their own powers and their own might. It has been revealed how strong and vast this is, and they are humbled by the taste of victory in their mouths. There is an energy taking place there that is by far the most pleasing and victorious that has ever shown itself in those bricks and mortar.

            When we get together and convene within those halls there is a touch of class that continues into the night, long after the proceedings have been laid to rest. The touch of class is that there is no separation of classes between any of the ones who have come to the proceedings. The deliverer of the coffee and tea is invited to sit and join as a citizen of the world. The one who brings the documents requested sits at the head table upon the invitation of the body. There is no class distinction, for all are equal and all are welcome to the proceedings. This is not to say that there is an open invitation, for space does not permit. I merely show that the energies are changing and the results will be forthcoming in a short time.

            Some time ago, there was a coming together of various forces of light with the ministers of justice of the planet earth. This lead to a grand receivership of the various wards of the state of the world; and in this receivership came the establishment of an inter-celestial element that will be indoctrinated into the present subject being addressed on the floor. This is an event that will tie the events of a judicial manner with the events of an inter-dimensional element of life on this planet. When this comes into play, and the people of earth are living the rewards of the subject being addressed, then the tribunal of the celestial body will come to address the people of the world and welcome them into the hierarchy of the cosmos.

            This is a time of your history when all the cloaks will soon be removed. There is much that is taking place within these walls that merit the attention of the hierarchy of the cosmos, for there are miracles shouting from all corners of these rooms. Soon you will all be hearing these shouts in the whisperings that come after the announcement of NESARA. This shall be the crack that opens up the egg of rebirth and transformation with every aspect of life on planet earth. Bear not witness to the past, for the new world of love and compassion seeks its inspiration from the past and relegates it to the place in the shadows that bears witness to the illusion.

            I leave this communication now with the love that is streaming forth from all of you, and is meeting that which I stream to you. It is a wonderful passing that takes place within this heart of mine and of yours, for it is all the same, and I AM yours for safekeeping. Bind your tears in the sunshine of today and watch the steam of everlasting love stream forth and cover all that is.

            Blessings to you all, and Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate