Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 18, 2003



            There is a difference in life between the forgiven and the un-forgiven. There is a difference in life between the consoled and the un-consolable. There is a difference in life between the amused and the un-amused. In God, the Divinity, there is no difference with anything; all is live, and all is created in love.

            Good morning, I AM Sananda, and I wish to bring to you an example of the times that are just past and the times of old. When I walked the sands of Galilee, and explored the many varieties of man and his emotions, I found there to be many cases of misplaced ideas of what the emotions represented. I found that there were all kinds of ideas that stretched far beyond the confines of the natural way of explanation for the emotions. This led me to discover the types of emotions that came from different events, and how the individual brought their own interpretations to these events.

            What I did not see is that they were all represented in different ways. I saw that though outwardly the events seemed different, inwardly the emotions all represented the same fear. This was a very revealing piece of information to me, for I then was able to look at my fellow humans and see that they all stood in fear when the outcome of their actions was not love. I then was able to find the compassion in my heart for them, and know that but for an invasion of fear, they were completely, always Love. They were not only in love, or about love, they were Love.

            This is of course true today; it is and has always been true. There has never been a time when love is not. Always love has been the makeup of All There Is. When one strays from that love, he finds that he is standing in fear. Though he may not feel it, he is still love, and the primary emotion is still springing from love, though it represents fear. Love is the energy that enables us to feel fear, for if there were not love, then we would not realize that fear is different. We would only know the fear, and not realize that it is anything. Love is the catalyst that propels us into relativity. It is the flame by which we live our lives and explore the nuances of our emotional experiences. When that love is challenged, we feel the fear, and react to it, we feel that the love has left and the fear has taken its place.  Not so, my friends. The love never left; evidence is in that you feel the fear, for without the love there would be no comparison.

            You may be wondering why I have brought this to your attention, for I know that you are aware of these differences. There is a reason for this, and I outline it here. Whenever there is an upset to a situation that has been going along smoothly, all pieces of the whole are operating in a smooth manner, and then a monkey wrench is thrown into the barrel and the upset is strewing all the pieces all over the ground, there is bound to be some emotional roller coastering represented. This is the case with many of you, and I find that there is a great deal of fostering of affection for certain ones. That is grand and that is glorious, for it is Holy to care for others and show it. It is also grand to care for others and yet be dismayed by some of their actions. This too is Holy, and represents love. I would like to remind you that there is a coming time when this will represent the past and that there will be a reckoning of the pieces that have been strewn along the ground. You will ALL come to the place where you see each one of these events as Holy and in divine order. Some of you already do. Many of you are feeling the Divinity within that sees no difference. Some of you are wading through the stuff that these events are in purpose to bring out. This is a clearing my friends, and when the smoke clears there will be a light that has been shining all along that will be of a brilliance that is so bright as to clear away any residual that may be lingering.

            I bring you this message with the honesty that only the truth can see. I bring you this message because I know that all of you can see the truth in it, and you will sit with this truth and allow it to sink into the very depths of your being, and allow it to find its own interpretation within your own beingness. You are all involved in this journey of life, and you all bring to it your own different interpretation. It is all one, and the Christ in you sees that.

            I love and respect each and every one of you, and I see the angelic movement of your auras and the love is full and strong within each of you. You are blessed beyond compare, and I salute you.


Than you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate