Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 03, 2003



            Good day, my dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I wish to welcome you to a time of joy and thanksgiving. This is a time of counting blessings, and knowing that what it is that you wish for your life is already in your possession and working to make your life the way you would see it.

            I tell you that there is no lack in your life. I tell you that you have all that you have deemed appropriate and necessary for the moment. This is an actual fact of life, and one that it would serve you well to realize. When the funds from the programs come to your doorstep, it will be with a promise that there is nothing that is not already with your possession in force. You are the bearers of the gifts, for you gave permission for them to come forward. Live your lives in the thick of the abundance and you will see it flow through everything that you surmise.

            There once was a girl who lived in a town that stood on a rise just over the valley floor. This girl gave everything she had to a person who constantly came round begging for alms. When this person came to her door, he came with outstretched hand and surety of step. He came knowing that she would give her meager possessions, for he had a way about him that served to persuade her to give all she had.

            One day, the person came not, and she waited at her door for his return. She waited until the sunset and then she waited till the stars shone in their brilliance. Still he did not come. Then, when the morning sun popped over the horizon, she stirred and peered down the road for a sight of him. She had slept through the night by the door on a mat she had dragged from her attic, for she did not want to miss him, should he come.

            The sun shone as if it mocked her dismay. She felt that the sun showed every nuance of her sorrow, and she did not like being exposed thusly. She stood and turned her back on the brilliance of the new day, and she knew not what to do with herself. Finally hunger overtook her and she went to the kitchen for a bite to appease the emptiness she felt. Alas, there was no food, for she had waited and not gone to replace what she had given the person the day before. She had nothing to give him, or for herself as well. What would she do? Would she starve, or would she find the strength to go out and find a morsel to appease her roiling stomach?

            The choice was clear. She must go in search of sustenance, or she would not survive. So she cleaned herself up, and strode into the midmorning sun. She hurried to the village square and found a cart full of fruits and vegetables all decked out with the clearest of appeal. She offered a penny for a carrot, and a nickel for a bunch of grapes. She strode away in her newfound treasure, and sat under a tree to feed her hungry soul. This was the way to bring happiness into her life, was it not? To appease the appetite with a bit of nature’s bounty, and not think of giving it all away. To be able to love thyself enough to appease the hunger before giving the bounty away, was the way to happiness and joy. She knew that the night that she spent waiting for something that never came was the turning point of her life. She now felt strong and clear. She knew that if the person came to her again, she would share what she had, but not all of what she had. She needed to give to herself first, and then she would give to him. She stood and turned to go, when she stumbled on something at her feet. Reaching down she saw another bunch of grapes that rested beside the bare stems of the other bunch.

            Where did this come from, she wondered, and why do I deserve this brand new bounty, when I have finished the other one? She knew as she asked the words, that it was because she had looked out for herself first, and still she had enough to give to another. She never would be without, and have to wait through the night for one who never came.

            She felt that she had learned a valuable lesson that day, and she decided that if the person comes again, she would invite him in and share a meal with him. Then she would tell him this story, and she would see him go out and live a life of abundance and joy, for he would have learned what she learned. This way she will serve herself, and another, as she had been served by this new bounty from nature.

            You too, have learned this lesson of life. This too is your legacy to the world. To learn that to have abundance, you receive that which is offered in sharing and in movement toward the bounty. Go out and receive that which is handed to you, and bless the bounty that is all around you. You can find it in the cleverest of places, and you can always count on the abundance of spirit to provide for your every need and intent. This is a wonderfully rich and prosperous life. You can bring it into your everyday occurrences, and serve all of humanity by being the example that shows the world how it works. You have that power, and that love, and that joy.

            Blessings, and Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate