Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 26, 2003



            Good morning my friends and relations. I am Baldor and I feel as family to you all. This is a time on your world when all thoughts are to thanksgiving and the abundance that you all have in your lives. When these thoughts come around full force, some of you ask for more, and some of you feel that you are well supplied with the riches of this life. All of you are operating in your own perspective, and this is evident in the glows that I see from my perspective here in the ethereal realm of Orloff. This is a grand site I see, and I am feeling very grandiose this morning, for I am rich indeed in the family I am a part of.

            When I first came to the energies of earth it was with this one through whom I speak. As a part of her we claimed rights to a great many experiences on this earth, and came to a deeper understanding of this life. Upon my emergence as a separate identity, I at first floundered a bit, as did she, and then we fell into the example of how all of you do when you aspected as well. This has been a most interesting part of our existence, for when this takes place it opens up the opportunities for us all to experience even more of what we are capable, and this is a very rewarding thing indeed.

            All of us are a part of the Creator. We come from the same spark, as you know. What you may not be aware of is that there are times when we all go back to that oneness with the Creator and experience that blissful oneness. That happens almost every night. Did you know that? This is one of the best-kept secrets of the universe, and now the cat is out of the bag. When I refer to the oneness, I refer to the unitedness that is complete with everyone. Since there is no time and space, there can be that complete oneness at all times. Now since that is so, you can see how there can be a complete oneness at all times with the Creator, for there is that moment of time when there is that return to the Godhead that is the completion of the whole. This is what sparks us and keeps us “in line” with our true selves. Sometimes the experiences we choose are so radical that when we slide of and are our experience again, we forget very completely who we really are. We identify completely with the experience we have created.

            This, my friends, is changing. I have seen very clearly in most of you who are reading this that you understand that you are not what you do, that you are truly a part of God. I also see very clearly that that are some who are still very engrossed in their amnesia, yet there are changes taking place within their souls that are causing their actions to reflect the confusion they sometime feel about what they are doing and why. These are the ones who are going to be affected the most by the changes that are coming very soon to your world. When this sweeping reform package arrives at the doorstep of everyone, they will be the ones who will question the most, and resist the most.

            This is the nature of humans, to resist that which they do now know, even if it has the potential to bring about heaven on earth for them. All people alive on earth today do not remember what it was like to live in a free and just society. This is going to change, when the people start to awaken, and they see that the parts of this package that are designed to enable them to bring that freedom and justice into their lives are the very elements by which they used to live. They may not remember that they lived those elements, for they will be going way back to other lives and bringing back those feelings that have long lain buried. Those feelings and memories all always there within you. If today they have a feeling of familiarity it is because they are a part of you in your totality of earth experience.

So my friends observe these ones who may resist when NESARA is a new part of your life. See that these ones will be allowing that resistance to fall away after awhile, and the trust that is necessary for acceptance will build. This is a process that you can assist in, by being the example of living the promises that it brings. You who know that this is the American Dream that spreads across the globe and becomes the Dream of Humanity for Heaven on earth. This is a tool that will begin the process in a physical way of the re-emergence of the beautiful light of the soul to shine forth and be expressed not only in that moment of sleeptime, but for always and ever, Amen.

            I leave now to my duties on Orloff, for we plan our own celebration here when the great law is announced. We will be in celebration with you, for you are our family, and we have much to be thankful for.

Blessings to you all in this time of your Thanksgiving.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate