Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 12, 2003



            Good morning my children, and how are you this fine day? I AM coming to you from the depths of the encouragement that propels you all through the vagaries of time and space. I AM the essence of the one known to you as St. Germaine, and I AM the epitome of that essence, therefore of his higher being. I come thusly so that you may see that there is a realm in which there is a higher expression of that which appears in the etheric and in the astral as well as in the physical. There is a coming time when this will be expressed in the commonality of man, and that time is to come when the ascension process is complete within all of you. You may refer to me as the Royal Ancestry of St. Germaine, and I speak in his regard.

            I AM the presence of the family from which he has risen. He finds the tie that binds ever present in his beingness, and he comes to you with the inspiration from this energy. He is the sole benefactor of this energy in the manner in which he represents himself to you. There is a time for the benefits of the hierarchy, and this is now. When we seek the uncovering of the higher office of the King, we do so with the authority that the Creator has bestowed within us. The avenue to that authority has been opened by Heaven; and the energy of transmutation has been activated for the express purpose of going in between the flame of violet and the flame of pure white transmutation and integration. This is done for the purpose of bringing to the experience the ultimate ecstasy of the experience of communing with Heaven.

            I come to you this day for the express purpose of allowing you the energy of experience of this realm. There is a great deal of shifting that is taking place within all of you on planet earth these days. This is in accord with the energies of Heaven; and the solar flares that are taking place are benefiting this cause. These are the receptacles of many of the transmuting waves, and because many are directed away from earth there is a coming round to the “back door”, so to speak that brings a filtering to the process. This brings only the purity of the light to you, rather than the harmful rays that have been transmitted in the past. This is according to Heaven, and the intent of all of you in your capacities of transmitting angels in charge of the experiences that take place in this ascension process.

            Yes, you are actively considering the process and developing the ways in which this takes place. What better way for you to control the process than to create it with the assistance and involvement of Heaven? It is a consideration that you decided upon in the interim since the Harmonic Convergence; and this just recent Concordance exemplified the decision and the process that is taking place within each of you. The decision that you all make as to when you will awaken is being carefully monitored by Heaven and supported in grand fashion. There is no willy-nilly action taking place, my dear ones. This is a Divinely lead and carried out participation for the ascension that will be in it’s finished stage in a time that has been decided by all of you in co-operation with Heaven.

            What it is that you do in the interim in part determines the outcome that is to take place in the rest of the galaxy. This is a unique thing in that there is no other time and occasion in the “history” of the universe that equals this ascension process that is taking place. There is to be a participation by all who live in this galaxy; and then the other systems will be a part of the celebration and the ascension process as it unfolds it’s wings and sings its song to the heavens. There will be a crying forth of the love and compassion that is ringing throughout the universe. And the coming of the new earth angels will reckon forth in the heavens for all of eternity. This is the finest hour for all of you, and we urge you all to go forward in your daily lives and bring the finest of things into your heart and into your mind, for there lies the secret of bringing the finest of things into your experience.

            I come to you in this form this day for the purpose of showing you that there is no finer place to be than in the best of the one whom you are, and that is the one you are right now this moment. There is none higher than who you are this moment, for this is all there is. When you reach the ascension status that you strive for, you will then fully realize the truth of what I speak now. You are the best there is in your energy, and there is no other than this right Now. Go forward and create in that energy of truth, and see your world reflect that in it’s promise and it’s reality of Now.

            Blessings are upon you, and they stream forward from your energies as well as from ours. Love to you all!


Thank you dear Ancestry of Ascended Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate