Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 13, 2003



            I AM the sacred trust recipient of the Highest Order of the occult as it is divined in the presence of the Kings of the Realm of the Ancients. I bring to you the title that has been bestowed upon me as the Fair One, and I AM Abibgail the Empress of the realm of the Nibiruan Council. In this capacity I work in the energies of Lady Quan Yin, and I act as her hand maiden on many occasions as I represent that there is no hierarchy in the knowing of the ancients, for all is the same and all is the individual expression of the One.

            I came to this one in the fortnight, for she allowed that she is ready for my coming. This is the beginning of a journey that will take us into the realms of the Feminine energy that is being beamed to the earth at this time. When this energy is here in full force, you will all be living in the transmutative energies of the highest order, and that will translate that you will be enjoying the sweetness and strength of the feminine expression.

            This does not mean that there will not be masculine energy in force in this world. It merely means that there will be an expression of living that will give cause to the softer, more compassionate way of expressing. This in turn interprets as a strength that comes from the silence of knowing, and the wonder of innocence that is born from the fabric of creation that finds expression in the feminine energy. You all will keep the expression that is yours in the energy of the feminine within yourself. From this will spring the wonder of keeping to yourself the Divinity that is inherent within all of you.

            I first came to this land with the express purpose of bringing the strength of Divinity to the life of this one who was at the time in purpose representing the Galactic Federation. This purpose was to bring to the land a strength represented in the feminine aspect of strength and supremacy. This was the beginning of a saga that represents itself in the telling of a tale that will be forthcoming in the weeks and months to come.

Show down your throats of value, and bring down your smiles of worth, for this is the coming of the truth of the creation, and there is nothing that is going to be shown that can be disputed, for it lives in the hearts and souls of the ones who lived the experience. I come to make way for the telling of the tale, and there is much to be learned from the telling. That is all I will say on the subject for the time.

Now it is time to bring into your lives the yearning that has been springing forth only to be pushed away. This yearning is your feminine energy that is ready to be expressed without the constraints that fear has put upon it. Remove the fear and you find that there is a grand expansion of the energy of power that has lain dormant these eons of time. This is a time for the release of these powers, so that the balance of the magnetic polarity may be expressed, and the real truth of your strength be realized.

When you arise in the morning, and you find the light to be very bright coming through your window, do you give yourself a chance to bask in itís glory, or do you pull the shade and hide in the shadows of the light? Are you giving yourselves the advantage of the warmth of the sun, or are you allowing only the energies of the moon to fill your beingness with its treasure? This is a question for your time, and to know fully what this means is to tap into the Divinity of your softer self. Give yourself a chance to know fully that softness, and you will feel the strength of it emerge and represent the trueness of Spirit within.

            I take my leave now and ask that you touch your heartstrings and feel the strength behind the soft caress of the whisper of love that bids your coming. Now is the time when this is needed with the events that take place on your world right now. There is a blowing forth of the vagaries of life on earth that bears well the auspices of the governing with which you propel your life. Remember to slow down a bit, long enough to feel the soft strength before you proceed in the direction that changes the world and its events. This is your gift to yourself, and to mankind.

Rejoice in love and sweet sensibility. Love comes to you who watch for the sweet taste of honey and the rainbow of flowers in the air. Blessings, my sweet ones!


Thank you dear Empress Abibgail,

Nancy Tate