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We take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving.  May your day be filled with love and friendly happenings.


Nancy, Bob and Toshiro




On this day of days in the year 2007, I Sananda bring to you a respite from the usual news of the day. I bring to you an opportunity to collect your thoughts and bring them into resonance with your heart. This is the time when all of the warm and wonderful thoughts and feelings that you can muster will change your life to match those thoughts more than ever.


Have you ever walked down a street and noticed the people’s faces? Have you seen an overall view of the expressions that a busy street wears? Are they mostly smiling and maybe exchanging a friendly greeting as they walk by, or are they intent on their own thoughts and the results of those thoughts?


Now turn your attention to your thoughts and feelings as you walk among those people. Are you thinking that they are beautiful and what it is that you love about them, or are you critically observing them in comparison to yourself? Human nature presents itself in many ways, and as you observe others in comparison to yourself are you not judging yourself?


I have many times seen the expressions on people’s faces and wondered what it was that drew their interest toward me. When I was young as Jesus and began my journey toward adulthood I wandered through the desert and drew attention to my thoughts realizing that they were critical of me. I asked about that and what I heard helped to change the way I approached others in comparison to myself. The words ring true for me even now, for I have shared them with many through the ages. “As you think so shall you reap.” Simple words and clear in their content.


I went through my life as Jesus with a direct contact with my Creator. This was my lifeline to the truth of who I was. There were times when I was overly critical of myself, and others. When that became an issue that was affecting my life and my peace of mind, I turned to the voice of truth. That was what turned me around and showed me what I was reflecting out into the world that was hiding the truth from within.


In today’s world we see many instances of abuse and tyranny. We see much unhappiness and confusion; we see much more that I will not dwell on for to dwell on that which we do not desire is to keep it in our thoughts and therefore our lives. It is time that we turn around that which we see and do not like, and see it is a different light. It is time that we see the light of truth that is behind and within everything. We can do that! We can turn our life around and make it the reality that we desire.


This one today read the words that the collective energy of Abraham brought forth through Esther Hicks. She read that to hold a thought for 17 seconds is to draw the match of it to it. Then do that for another 17 seconds, and another to hold that thought for a total of 68 seconds is to have manifested it, as surely as if you had actively created it. This is how you create in your life, through your thoughts and feelings. Have you ever held a thought for more than 17 seconds and not had feelings stir and come to life? This is the creator in you energizing the manifestation of that thought.


Direct this truth to your world today. See how your thoughts can turn around the events that are surrounding you. See how collectively the people can change their reality by holding that thought for at least 68 seconds. This can change the person walking down the street and it can change your relationship with him. You can then compare that person with yourself and see the same being in love and Oneness. You can know deep within what that term everyone is speaking of in the messages and exchanges on the internet and in the workshops are speaking about. It is more than just knowing the literal meaning of the words, it is living them, and that my dear ones bring about a knowing that cannot be translated into mere words.


This brings me to the energy of this day. Thanksgiving is a powerful word; it is a powerful creation of thought and feelings. You feel gratitude for something and you know that with this feeling it is that which you know it to be, and more. You have actually cemented it into place and allowed it to move within that cement, for the cement of Spirit is malleable and fluid. It is set into place, yet the flow is everlasting and sure. It never stops, for the constancy is what keeps it true.


It is wonderful how when something is considered perfect, the truth is that it forever changes in its energy of perfection. Have you ever seen something that you consider to be perfect become more of that perfection and take on a whole new energy that you realize is far more perfect than you ever thought it could be?


That is what you can do for the way the world is today, my dear ones. You can powerfully and completely, without the completeness being staid and unmovable, be in ever fluid creation and holding true in its changeability. This is the power you have folks. So today, take a thought that you have about anything that makes you feel good and expound on it. Give it energy and power and know that you are creating along with all of humanity, for that is the true nature of humanity to desire and intend perfection in their world.


Thanksgiving is a day that you give yourselves to remind you of your power. You can use it to bolster that which is innately natural for your way of thinking, feeling and being. Give yourselves and the rest of existence the opportunity to find the perfect thought and expound on it unto Creation. It is a day of days, and the day can go on into infinity as the day that Created the perfection of the ages and the joy of forever.


Go now my dear ones and enjoy your status as the Creators of your new world. You are my wonder of wonders and I adore you all in love and Thanksgiving.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate