November 13, 2007                



 St. Germain


There is a wide spectrum of influence that is taking place in the world today. In that influence there is a great deal of truth and a great deal of falsehood. It is up to the reader and observer to discern for oneself as to what is true for them. I am St. Germain, and with these words I bring to you another opportunity for discernment.


When the sun rose over many parts of the world today there were many people long at work on various issues that will not only affect the American people, but will as well reach out and touch all the people of the world. It has been decreed that what takes place in America these days is in line with the propulsion of influence that seeps round the world.


I say seeps, because the rate of influence is not as speedy as the rate of occurrence in America. This is speaking loosely for you know how rapidly events happen in the united States. This is because there is a great deal of intricacy that is put into place with every movement and every decision based on the numbers of issues that will be solved in one fell swoop.


We are taking care to attend to the issues at hand, and as well we are seeing to the dependency of the outcomes on the momentum of the truth to take its course and establish a free flow of movement across the board. This has been a consistent movement and in many cases there has been a re-direction of efforts due to the interference of those who would see our influence come to naught.


I tell you this now, and I encourage you to keep a high idea of love and compassion for all involved, for when you see any issue with high regard and with the appreciation for the steady outcome of each step, you contribute to the cause most surely as if you were physically active with your hands and feet working alongside all who are involved in the progression ‘on the ground’.


We are overseeing the activities that are in place and operating at a rate of speed that is most beneficial to the good of all concerned. I speak of all concerned as being even the ones who would resist our efforts and delay any outcome that serves humanity. When there are members of a society involved in any event, or issue every member has something to gain and benefit from, in the opinion of those involved. If it were not so, then it would not be happening.


In the case of the issues before us involving those who would see their own personal agenda satisfied at the detriment of others, then we also see that in their eyes they have much to gain, though others will loose a great deal. We also see that in the interest of justice and truth, those who operate within their own boundaries and implode others’ boundaries, are not operating within the aspects of love and good thinking for the benefit of all.


Through our dedication to see that all are served in the freedom and light of truth, we are employing the rays of color that most beneficially affect all concerned. This has its affect and we see it as being successful in most cases. This will bring many who are involved to a clearer understanding of what they are actually doing, and what they can change in their lives to make a difference for the energies of the truth that represents the Whole.


Many of these people who are finding themselves questioning what they have been led to do, even being coerced into doing, are finding themselves approaching their parts from another viewpoint and in many cases seeing and trusting that they will be protected if they find the courage to stand forth and present the truth of what they have been involved with. This is what we have seen would take place and indeed it is more and more.


On an overall basis there is a stand that many people are taking, and though it is not coming out into the open as yet, for their safety sake, it will all come out and be revealed. Then there will be a sure, easy flow to the revelations of truth that will set all of earth society free. We ask that you continue to hold the Light for all concerned and to keep your steadfastness strong and sure for the total turn around of what is not in alignment with the truth of what it means to live in your own sovereignty, and to honor each one his own way of being in a peaceful, joyful, free life on earth.


I stand in the light of all of you as surely as you are seeing the light of your own truth more clearly day by day. As the energies that are infiltrating the shadows in the hearts and souls of all of humanity sift and lend their light of truth to the issues on earth, humanity is waking up to the truths and demanding that what they know to be true within their beingness is represented in the world outside. They know this because they are not only reading it and hearing it from many sources, they are seeing it in their lives, according to the choices they make and the feelings, emotions and actions that give it life.


I assure you all that as these next days and weeks come and go, you will see and feel a change coming about. There will be reports and there will be some changes that will be evident to some and not apparent to others. At some time, all will be apparent to all who cast an eye and an ear to what is taking place in the world. The changes will be more in keeping with what is expected and the outcome will be that of forward movement in the energy of truth, justice and a new found freedom born in the hearts, minds and souls of those who found their way to be clear, and stood their ground through all of the controversy that always accompanies any changes in times of trouble.


We have many emissaries on the ground and many who have stood that ground I speak of and who continue to place their lives in the hands of Spirit and move forward through the changes that must come about to bring about the desired and intended outcome of this phase toward ascension. Yes, there is much to be learned in these times, and if we of the cosmos take over completely and do it all for you, what will you have learned? Will you have learned that the best way to take care of your life is to live it in all respects and do the footwork and the necessary changes in what is not to your liking?


We say that you know that through your experience, the best teacher is the one who stands in your shoes and listens to the sure strong voice that guides you from within. We are here to assist and one of the ways that we do that is to always be here for you and to whisper in your soul what it is you ask. We are also here to lend an actual hand when it is needed, and we do that at your behest for you are our family and we are here for you at all times.


I take a breath at this time and encourage you all to go out into this day and make a party of it. Find joy in every moment and around every corner. Know that the choices you make for this day are born in love and the wisdom that comes forth from within. Listen to that voice and follow it to your ecstasy.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate