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Hi Everyone,

We’ve been up and down and all around in our new energies of change. The housing situations that brought us here, and that materialized then de-materialized have caused us to remain in our RV Park. Yesterday we moved our rig to a more open and desirable spot. As I was able to relax after setting up once more I felt a wonderful lifting of my soul and heart and recognized the relaxing energy sift through my being and bring joy to me once more. It is amazing what our surroundings and the acceptance of our circumstances can do for us.


We are in a moment-to-moment living energy, and as I surrender more and more to it I find the joy that comes with new discovery and the allowance for change in my life. Even though at this time of year we could be having cold weather, we have been experiencing daytime temperatures of 60s & 70s with bright sunny skies and a clean, autumn feel to the air.


I will continue with the Wake up Calls as much as I can with all that is taking place. I am experiencing a bit of computer arm syndrome, and so I will be giving that as much of a break as I can in order for it to restore itself to perfection. Realize that I love you all and I send you my deepest feelings of joy and peace for the times that are upon us. We are so close! Can’t you feel it?!





Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 09, 07


There is a time for everyone when they must find within themselves the answer to all of the issues and questions that are floating around for all to hear and see. When this time comes it is wise to take into yourself the feelings of goodness and forthrightness that is prevalent within everyone, for that is the true nature of mankind. I Am Hatonn this day, and with these words I will bring you an update on what is taking place in the realms of the cosmos.


With all of the earth activity these days there is an intent to be present at any moment on earth, for with certain events we are employed to come and be of service. In this service we will explore the ramifications of all activity on earth and act accordingly.


The harmony that must be present in our administrations will assure the smooth co-operation between those whom we meet with and the rest of the world, for with this assurance of harmony comes the intended outcome. We are able to see what is taking place at any time and with any of our operatives.


Should a monkey wrench be thrown into any of the operatives then we will be able to counteract that and go on with the solution that will bring forth the desired result. If this sort of scenario should take place then it can bring about a delay in the intended result, though it will come about.


Oft’ times we see a clearer and more precise method of action, and may change course in the middle of an action. That too is to the benefit of all concerned, for there are so many operatives that according to the choices made at any time there can be these changes. Many times we have seen that the momentum that is established can be of more value than the previously sought for one.


I give you these motivating occurrences because so many of you are beginning to wonder if anything will ever come about that has been presented through the years. We say that with the endurance that you have exhibited also comes the addition of new and desired additions to the fray. With these new instances we have seen that as a direct result of the actions that are being taken, the flow of intent and desire are being allowed and admitted as the manifestation of the continual expression of that which is called for.


Earth society has many facets, and as these facets take expression physically they influence other factors, which often cause a change in the outcome that was proposed or planned. Because of this you have experienced the prolonged manifestation of that which has been presented as possibility, or as planned outcomes. Seeing the procession of events that have come from this ability to expand the actions and outcomes of events we have been able to project how some situations will happen and have been able to intervene in matters that would have been tragic to mankind.


As I sit here with this one today and allow the words to come as they are interpreted we are involving the utmost care to establish what it is that is behind all that has come about thus far. We have the utmost trust in your influences, for you come from a place of love and compassion for those who are in the throes of the shadows that they have created. You, who stand in the light and see what is before you and how it will affect you in the times to come, are seeing a part of the picture. You are seeing the expected and usual that come from certain actions.


Now you are beginning to see things in a different way for the results of the actions that you have been taking in the past few weeks are bearing results that are unexpected and slightly foreign to what you would have seen in the past. This has brought you to a clearer understanding of how actions and thoughts work in the higher realms, for you are in and out of the first levels of the fifth dimension and you are seeing moments when you have complete clarity of what is to be in the next moment.


I urge you to give validity to the ability that you are opening to and to take influence from that. With this openness you will be able to flow through life with an ease that you had once considered not to be possible in the circumstances that are upon you in these times. You will continue to find that living the moment is what you are experiencing and that there is merit to what comes about and to what you do with it. You will also find that with this increase of momentary allowances you will be able to fit this new way of being very well into your circumstances, indeed you will find it to be the preferred way of living, for it offers more freedom of choice for your life as circumstances around you change in the ever-flowing manner that comes from the realms in which you are experiencing.


I encourage you all to take a deep breath every time that you feel a bit overwhelmed with all that is taking place. With this deep breath know that there is clarity that gives you the courage to go on with what is in front of you, and the forbearance that will give you the impetus to embrace it all. There may be times in the affairs of the world when overwhelm may seem to be the energy of the day. In those cases take yourself into a different frame of mind and set of circumstances and find the joy and freedom that the new moment brings. This can give you a perspective that will give you the neutrality that will enable you to observe the affairs of the day and not be affected by them. Know that as this happens, you add to the energy that brings about the ultimate light-bearing results of anything that is in the works on the planet.


I take my leave now and I do so with the full knowledge that you are light-bearers and that you carry a momentum of truth wherever you go. You are the angels of earth and with that truth you will find that as the days and weeks go on there will be overtures to the dark energies that will resound with the tones of truth and love and help to bring many who have resided in their caves of fear out into the truth and love of the daylight and into the embrace of the Creator of All There Is. Welcome them to your light and see that they have listened and have heard their tones of truth and freedom and have called them in.


Go now into your day and sing the songs of love and joy for all things, for they lay softly upon your brow and sweetly in your heart.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate